Iron deficiency symptoms

Iron deficiency is otherwise called as sideropenia. It mainly arises due to nutritional deficiency.

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Iron exists in the human blood. If there is a lack of iron in the human blood, then there is a steady decrease of the red blood cells. Iron is believed to be the main content of hemoglobin. This is the chief cause for iron deficiency in the human body.
Let us go through the iron deficiency symptoms one by one in an orderly basis.

  • Symptom 1

The first and foremost symptom of iron deficiency symptom is lack of energy. Iron is said to provide strength to the body. But, when iron content is low, then automatically the strength of the human body decreases. Thus, the body becomes too weak to do the day to day usual activities and the body is prone to tiredness even while doing daily chores.

  • Symptom 2

The finger nails of the human body serve as a good identifier for identifying the iron deficiency symptoms. If the iron content is low, then the nails become thin and white. Nails are also known to become extremely brittle. Very often, the nails start to grown in an abnormal fashion and they get the appearance of a flat spoon.

  • Symptom 3

This is a common symptom of iron deficiency which can be applied only in the case of females. Females experience menstruation once a month. If the blood does not contain enough iron content, then the pain increases during menstruation. Usually, it is considered to be a safe practice to approach doctors for help.

  • Symptom 4

A medical syndrome called pica is an iron deficiency symptom. This is a very rare medical condition. Pica means a medical situation in which the affected person feels a strong desire to eat non-usual food items like paint, dirt, grease, ice and other such food items.

  • Symptom 5

Disturbed sleep is another important iron deficiency syndrome. Usually, the person whose iron content is low cannot experience proper sleep. Extreme sweating during sleep also occurs. Frequent waking up during the middle of a sound sleep is often experienced.

  • Symptom 6

Appearance of the tongue also plays a vital role in diagnosing iron deficiency. If the tongue of the affected person is examined closely, it is found to be red in color. Also, the nature of the tongue is shiny and smooth.

  • Symptom 7

Presence of headache also attributes to the cause of iron deficiency. Headaches are quite common in a busy man’s life. But, if that headache persists for a long period of time, then it is time to go for a blood check up just to make sure that iron content in the blood is in a favorable level.

  • Symptom 8

Loss of immunity can be a dangerous symptom of iron deficiency. When the iron content is low in the blood, then the body becomes prone to several attacks. The body will no longer be able to resist disease attacks by bacteria and other viruses. The body also becomes quite vulnerable to several types of harmful infections.
Thus, the common iron deficiency symptoms have been reviewed.

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