Jayco Travel Trailers

Jayco is a private automobile company mainly manufactures the products like travel trailers, headquartered at Middlebury, Indiana and USA. Lloyd Jay Bontrager was the founder of the Jayco travel trailers Company and gets started in the year of 1967.

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The company gradually becomes popular due to the large demand for the unique product of the camper. The company makes several trial and error methods to furnish well advanced product and it build approximately two thousand fold-down Jayco travel trailers, distributed all over the United states and Canada after the three years of its establishment. Presently Jayco sells about 25,000 vehicles per year, including camping travel trailers, Class C motor homes and “toy haulers.” There are about 300 dealers that sell the Jayco products in the United States as well as International dealerships in Canada, Australia, and Europe. Jayco travel trailers took more than thirty years for their inhabitation in the market and it is now becoming the branded name company.

Jayco travel trailers are made of plywood, insulated with fiberglass, and use upholstered fabric for chairs and couches. They have their own cabinet shops in the factory for cabinetry of the various models. At the factory they install all the custom-made chairs and couches. They also install the various appliances and water tanks needed. These operations can be seen at their free tour of their 500,000 square foot factory at Middlebury, Indiana. Jayco travel trailers and campers are sold in Canada. They partnered with a British based company in the late 1970s and produced a tent-camper for the European market. Their campers were sold in Australia starting in 1972 and went into the 1990s. Jayco camper parts were sent to the Australian plant where they are then assembled and tested. Jayco had several brand names for its products which include Baja, Designer, Eagle, and grey hawk, Jay Flight, Jay Feather, Jay Series, Melbourne, Octane ZX, Recon ZX, Select and Seneca.

The Jayco Company saw few loss strategies during its newly manufacturing crises. Jayco once built a fold-down style camper on to a camper boat and it was not successful due to some reasons. Four wheeler camper trailers also failed to establish its performance in the market and the company encountered loss. The customers rejected several other models due to the inconsistency of the new camper version.

To encourage the employees of Jayco, administrators started a special travel club called “Jayco Travel Club” that has several joyful offers for the workers from the company side. It has over 100 chapters in the United States and Canada for their customers. Jayco introduced the first fold-down camper and fold-down camper with dual axles. Jayco also makes fishing boats and other marine appliances. Jayco employment of approximately 1700 employees is about 70 percent Amish and Mennonite. Jayco is the largest privately held manufacturer of recreational vehicles in North America and it provides online facility to purchase trailers. Jayco travel trailers mission is to consistently build a high quality, high value, competitively priced product at acceptable margins, treat every situation with the highest level of integrity in a timely manner, and continually work to reduce total cost to achieve acceptable returns.

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