These are some of the famous quotes from Jimi Hendrix Quotes:

• The wisdom listens when Knowledge speaks.

• The world will know the peace when the power of love overcomes the love of power.
• Blues is easy to play, but typical to feel.

• By using the power of soul, we can do anything.

• What I am thinking earlier is just put on paper with new thoughts. I just keep it almost opened.

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And that to those words are so bland.

• What I am doing is just move on and do what I think now.

• All Castles are made by sand, fall into the sea, eventually.

• In everywhere in our world, maximum cities are having consists of one gang, a street gang, or so-called outcasts.

• Excuse me if I touch the sky.

• I didn’t have any remarks in the past, except that unusually I might have hurt the somebody else or others.

• I have a small monkey that name is called Charlie Chan.

• I am telling one thing, when things get too heavy just call me helium, it is the rare gas to human.

• I don’t like to be single talent. I hate to be making as only a guitarist, or only as a lyricist, or only as a tap dancer. I like to move around.

• I compose my music to move the people will make dances.

• I wanted to stay in a room full of glasses; wherever i saw only me. The entire world is looking to me when break the mirrors.

• I want to do so many things simultaneously, which is my habit. But I am enjoying a lot still.
•They have very good electric guitars in cotton fields in olden days, I wish. . So many things would’ve been happened out.

• If you are cursed by me, and all your kids will be born fully naked.
• When it’s time for me to die, I am the one that has to die. So I live my life happily, the path I need to.

• I am imitating the people so well, the people copying my mistakes, I have heard.
• Whether I am free, it’s due to I’m always running.

• Whether it is related to me, there would be such thing as a new establishment.
• What I image in my mind is the heart to my words. The remaining is painted with a little science fiction.
• Before you changing the world, you have to start from yourself.

• Everything is to coming from inside, though, I guess.

• It will be fun how more people likes the dead, once you a re dead your made for the new life.
• Music doesn’t lie. A change will happen in the world because of music only.

• Music makes me to high on the stage, and that’s the fact. It’s like being almost habituated to music.

• My target is to be one with the music. I am spending my whole life to that art only.
∙ When I had die, you will be better to the play the old records.

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