List of area codes

Here is a straightforward register of area codes, the interconnected state and location, and associated area codes. Related list of area codes are area codes that have been split and related to the area code.

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If you are looking for intermediary computer companies, then you look for third-party support page. Below are few of the methods through which you can easily the area code of any city, state or country.

Method 1: There are many ways to find the list of area codes of a particular company; one such ay is searching through AllAreaCodes. This website is an online area code resource. This site is designed to allow the user to find the codes of all state, city and other repeated area. If you dial one and the number to make a call, you can easily get all the details of the area codes listed on the web site. This site is kept clean to allow the users to easily navigate.

Method 2: There are much more ways to discover what city an area code is in, another such way is to perform a Google search for the area code along with the words “area code.” To illustratrate, if I need to know what the area code for Colorado is, then I start the search with Colorado area code. In response to the search, I will the specified area code of that city as 303.
Google is a very good search engines with great reserve for all kinds of details and is a useful trading tool for anyone. The most interesting thing with Google is that it serves for free. You can search for all kinds of data in this search engine. It resembles your own private organizational research associate.

Method 3: Find Area & Postal Codes. This is a method which allows you to search a map for a postal code, or to surf through the List of area codes in a particular area you wish to search.

Method 4: take a look in to your phone book for area code map. Always a map should be there which shows the list of local area code restrictions. The white pages must consist a list for United States which lists all the area codes of each state. There can be chances of having more than one area code for one city, and then there will be some rules followed to decide the code.

Method 5: Try to call a telephone operator. It may sound out dated, but a telephone operator has details about each and every phone number in every state at his fingertips. Though the telephone departments generally charge you for all calls, you can save time.

Here are the list of the area code with their description of the sate and their location.

Area code: 201
State: New Jersey
Location: Jersey City and Hackensack.

Area code: 202
State: DC
Location: Washington, D.C.

Area code: 203
State: CT
Location: Connecticut.

Area code: 204
State: MB
Location: Manitoba Canada.

Area code: 205
State: AL
Location: Central and Western Alabama.

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