List of low fat food

Many persons have enough information supplied to them nowadays to know that it does not do them a great deal of good to continue to eat foods rich in saturated fats especially if they wish to reduce caloric intake. In fact, foods that have a great deal of Trans Fat combined with saturated fat can lead to diseases such as heart disease and even stroke.

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Therefore whether the reason to attain a List of low fat food is conducive to attaining lower levels of fat in the diet or in primarily losing weight, it will be a list that is significant in achieving better health.

In order to make a commitment to a List of low fat food you will need to take pastries and high fat/caloric items out of your cupboards. The substitutes include the following:

Place on your List of low fat food fresh fruits such as cantaloupe and other types of melons; berries such as blueberries and strawberries, figs, grapes, lemons, kiwis, oranges, grapefruits, pears, peaches, applies and so on and so forth. Also it doesn’t hurt to include on your List of low fat food dried fruit items in the way of raisins, cranberries peaches, and apricots. You can rely on your List of low fat food in the way of dried fruits especially when you have a craving for sweets and are on the go.

Fresh vegetables are important when you assemble your List of low fat food. Vegetables which should be included on your list include green leafy vegetables such as spinach which include Vitamin K for calcium absorption, peas, carrots, beets, mushrooms corn, asparagus, beans (offering Protein without the fat) and most of the fresh vegetables you find in your grocer’s produce aisles.

If you must trek over to the canned food aisles you will want to include on your List of low fat food vegetables that have no additional salt added and fruits with little syrup and no additional sugar. Also canned products as well as packaged beans may be added to your List of low fat food. Some good choices include pinto beans, kidney beans, great northern beans, and lentils. Also while scouring the canned food aisles you may wish to pick up protein-rich items which are relative to your list of low fat food such as tuna or salmon.

You may of course include all types of nuts and seeds to your List of low fat food: Some examples include sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, walnuts, and so on and so forth.

If you need to add oil to meal preparation then it is suggested you include olive oil, canola oil or cooking sprays like Pam to your List of low fat food.

Breads and cereals that are whole grain in nature are acceptable on your List of low fat food. Some examples include breads again made from whole grains, oatmeal cereal, and bran flakes.

Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce are good flavorings. Garlic is not only an excellent enhancement to particular dishes it is also very good for the blood.

Snack items might include popcorn and yogurt added to your list of low fat food.

Summarily, by sticking to fresh fruits and vegetables and grainy types of foods you generally will be maintaining a commitment in adhering to what is on your list of low fat food. Low fat food will keep you healthy; allow you to maintain current weight levels if already at an ideal weight or allow you to lose weight.

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