Liver damage symptoms

Liver damage is a predicament that occurs usually. Sometimes, it can be really life threatening.

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Let us review the symptoms one by one:-

  • Nausea

This is one of the common liver damage symptoms. Nausea is nothing but a discomfort in the stomach. Also, nausea is a general sensation that there is a need to vomit. This nausea can either be short one or it can prolong for a long amount of time. Nausea is usually accompanied by fever.

  • Jaundice

The important symptom in the case of liver damage is jaundice. Jaundice is a very dangerous disease. It is the root of all liver damages. When a person is affected by jaundice, then urine is usually pale yellow in color accompanied by the same color in the skin also. Before it gets serious, it is necessary to visit a physician to minimize the threat of liver damage.

  • Cholestasis

This is an important symptom of liver damage. When bile flow is stopped, the phenomenon is expressed as cholestasis. Jaundice follows after cholestasis. Chills, itching and bone related problems are some of the other things that will also occur.

  • Ascites

When fluid is built up in the abdominal cavity, it is called as ascites. Shortness of breath and disordered abdominal cavity follows immediately after ascites.

  • Coma

This is an important symptom of liver damage. When the disease has risen to a high extent, the patient often goes into a coma. This attributed directly to the presence of some liver damaged disease.

  • Stool color

The stool can serve as an important means of determining the symptoms of liver damage disease. The stool is usually found to be pale in color which means that bile production in the body is very low. Sometimes. The stool is also found to be light gray and palish in color.

  • Bleeding of the nose

This can be quite painful and it is still considered to be one of the main symptoms of liver damage disease. Blood comes from the nose for no reason whatsoever. It is advised that the patient does not poke his hand inside the nose to wipe the blood as it will only increase the blood flow.

  • Appearance of the nails

Even though this may sound pretty premature, the color and shape of the nails serve as an important means of identifying the symptoms of liver damage disease.

  • Continuous sweating

When a person is said to suffer from any liver damage diseases, he/she will experience a continuous spell of sweating. This sweating can be experienced even when the person is present in a cold room. The only reason behind this is that the person is suffering from any liver damage related disease.

  • Stomach pain

In some cases, stomach pain is found to be experienced. This can get serious sometimes as the pain may be too acute to bear. Painkillers will not be that much effective and the only solution is to run to the nearest doctor.
Thus, the symptoms of liver damage diseases have been discussed broadly in detail.

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