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A machine gun is different from the ordinary police gun or security gun. The machine gun is fully automated and once you start firing it will take the bullets from the bullet chain and continues to fire till the bullets are over.

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The machine guns are mainly designed to fire the bullets to your enemies in very fast way and the machine gun roller completes hundred rounds per minute. The machine gun was invented by Leonardo da vinci and he designed eight barreled machine gun that has to be operated manually and it should be mounted on the ground while shooting. According to the USA law a machine gun is an art and it will change the person present firearm into an automatic firearm. There are different types like sub machine guns, autocannons machine guns, and others. The sub machine guns are portable automatic guns and it is mainly used for the defense purpose and they are held in hand while shooting. Submachine guns usually uses small round bullets and these guns are heavy to carry and it should be kept on the ground to do firing. The lightweight machine guns can be held in the hand during firing like a rifle and these types of guns are more powerful when fired from prone position, but these machine guns give large caliber rounds. The main difference between the autocannons and the machine guns lies in caliber. The caliber of autocannons guns is larger than 16mm. The autocannons are also known as grenade machine guns.

The machine gun is entirely different from the semi-automatic fire arms which requires one trigger for firing one bullet whereas in the machine gun fires till the trigger is held down. The term machine gun is mainly used by the civilian’s people and it is restricted for the heavy guns. The machine guns are mainly used for light protection against personnel things. Some machine guns have in practice maintained suppressive fire almost continuously for hours. The automatic weapons overheat after less than a minute of use. Because they become very hot, practically all machine guns fire from an open bolt. This permits air cooling from the breech between bursts. They also have either a barrel cooling system, or removable barrels which allow a hot barrel to be replaced.
The machine gun is subdivided into light, medium, and heavy. The light guns are more larger than the other type of guns. Medium and heavy machine guns can be mounted on a tripod or on a vehicle. While carrying the machines on foot, the machine gun and associated equipments (tripod, ammunition, and spare barrels) require additional crew members. The machine guns main role is to help you in firing very successively one after the other bullets so that you could shoot your enemy very spontaneously and he could not escape from your shot definitely. Some of the machine guns will also have binoculars to help you in keeping the target against the person you are trying to point out in shooting him or her.

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