Malaysian Airlines

Founded in 1947, Malaysian Airlines (also known as “Malaysia Airlines” or “Malayan Airways”) is based out of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in West Malaysia. As one of South Asia’s most important establishments, the Malaysian Airlines are world-renown for their excellence in airline accommodations and efficiency.

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Malaysian Airlines is one of only six airlines from around the world to be given a five-star rating by British retail airline consulting company Skytrax, a very impressive feat to say the least. Malaysian Airlines has destinations ranging from LAX in Los Angeles; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tokyo, Japan; Paris, France; London, England; and even Dubai, India. There is not a continent outside of Antarctica that the airline isn’t equipped to travel to and from, although their major market segment is regulated to East/South Asian territories. One unique aspect of Malaysian Airlines’ flights is the in-flight entertainment via their on-demand device, the Select 3000i. A handheld media player of sorts, the Select 3000i is capable of running programs in 14 different languages and available to all business class passengers.

Doesn’t matter what destination, which you are planning to fly to, that is made possible in easiest & convenient of fashions. It is a place wherein you may get to experience best of the hospitality and at best of costs. You may fly to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Europe as well as America. They give the business, economy as well as business class with the airfares, which are very competitive. For example, there is the direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney that is booked for AUD 848 – 980. London – Kuala Lumpur flight ticket is booked for the AUD 627 to 980. Flight from the Kuala Lumpur – Sydney charges AUD 2140.

This is an airline, which gives best of travel & puts smiles on each customer’s face. Latest of the aircraft, all along with most wonderful of the ambience right from time you check in to airport to time, which you board an airplane! You may avail of very best of the TV shows, movies, sports and music as well as news channels. Also, there are many games for playing and plenty of entertainment of different types to keep you well occupied. While you travel by you will get to experience best of the signature dishes all along with meet the chefs as well as special meals. Airlines have won many culinary awards for the most wonderful cuisine that is served in skies. Malaysian airlines will allow you stay in touch with loved ones even while you are miles in sky. You can stay in contact with the loved ones and business partners in same way as you were on the ground.

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