Male Yeast Infection

Women suffer from yeast infection so much more than men. Or at least, women are more aware that they have yeast infection due to the symptoms whereas men, who could have yeast infection, may have it but not know they do.

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Keep in mind that most yeast infections, vaginal yeast infection and male yeast infection is sexually transmitted.

Most men suffering from male yeast infection will know they have it when their partner has it. In order to be cured, both male and female will have to be treated otherwise the infection will be transferred back and forth.

Because men do not have any symptoms, what could happen is that the infection will remain untreated and could to other health problems. Consider this, if a woman suffers from vaginal yeast infection, during sex the male’s urethra is exposed to the yeast infection. This yeast could travel up the urethral canal and lay or settle in the prostate gland.

Because a man’s skin is warm, about 77 degrees, he will never know that he suffers from male yeast infection but a woman’s vaginal canal is perfect for yeast to grow and can lead to infection. Before any of the symptoms occur, she may pass this infection to her male partner.

Most common symptom of male yeast infection is dry, cracked skin on the penis. And the most common causes of male yeast infection are: antibiotics, alcohol, sex, corn and wheat products, peanuts, barley and a weak immune system. Those mentioned weaken the immune system by killing the good bacteria and thus making it right and perfect for the yeast to grow.

To test and see if you have male yeast infection, there is a very simple home test that you can do. As soon as you wake up in the morning, before doing anything else, spit into a glass of water at least two times. Check on the glass of water after 15 minutes. If your spit dissolved in the water then you do not have an infection. However, if it looks like the spit has strings going to the bottom of the glass and the if the glass looks cloudy and if there are sediments at the bottom of the glass within 30 minutes then you may have parasites. At the most, this test should get results within 5 minutes even.

Some of you may think that because there are no symptoms then you might as well just ignore the fact that you may have male yeast infection. Consider this, if you do not care about yourself at least care enough to protect your partner. And, it you do have male yeast infection and you do not treat this, the yeast infection may spread through your body and eventually could lead to your digestive system and could then be systemic. Yeast infection could even get to your heart, as some cases have been reported, and eventually shut down your heart.

If you notice penile dry skin or chaffing, consult with your doctor for you may have yeast infection. If you do, the doctor can recommend something to treat this. Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

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