McDonald’s Hamburger Ingredients

Many individuals concerned about health are more and more interested in finding out what the ingredients are contained in the foods at their favorite fast food chains. There are many persons who make it a weekly ritual to visit McDonald’s so naturally the question comes up: What nutritional value may be associated with McDonald’s hamburger ingredients? In fact, now it is becoming standard fare that the fast food retailers provide nutritional value as it pertains to their food products.

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The chain that is home to the famous golden arches is no exception.

So what is the nutritional value with regard to McDonald’s hamburger ingredients? Upon accessing the McDonald’s site within the United Kingdom the following information was attained with regard to McDonald’s hamburger ingredients: A regular cheeseburger and a McDonald’s consumer favorite consisted of a serving size of 115 grams. The amount of the calories within the cheeseburger was 200 calories with twelve calories coming from fat. The Angus burger, which is considerably larger in size weighing in at 262 grams contained 590 calories and contained 33 fat calories. For persons watching their fat and calorie intake the Angus burger probably would present some concern. Five hundred and ninety calories for one sandwich may be a little bit more weighty than one would like particularly if on a diet. That said we are still back to wondering what precisely is contained in the hamburger with regard to McDonald’s hamburger ingredients.

The following provides a summation of what is found within a regular McDonald’s hamburger respective of McDonald’s hamburger ingredients and was attained from the McDonald’s website: The site attests it provides the consumer with a one hundred percent all beef patty using the same ground chuck as found in the grocery store. They also include grill seasoning as one of the McDonald’s hamburger ingredients along with the regular condiments of ketchup and mustard. You attain the taste of onions with respect to McDonald’s hamburger ingredients from dehydrated onions. Naturally with respect to McDonald’s Hamburger ingredients a couple dill pickle slices are included and all of this on a toasted regular white bun.

The hamburger patty itself probably would offer the greatest nutritional value from a logical standpoint relative to McDonald’s hamburger ingredients since ground beef is a good source of protein. A nutritionist might frown a little bit more on the Big Mac with respect to McDonald’s hamburger ingredients especially since it contains 540 calories, twenty-nine grams of fat, 1040 grams of sodium and nine grams of sugar. Further, with respect to McDonald’s hamburger ingredients the bun would not receive very high marks either since it is high in fructose corn syrup among other ingredients.

Needless to say, many persons wanting to achieve the greatest nutritional value from the foods they eat may find McDonald’s food falls a bit short when it comes to McDonald’s hamburger ingredients. Many define McDonald’s relative to McDonald’s hamburger ingredients as a junk food venue. This means the foods sold at the famous chain are for the most part high in fat, sugar and salt and low in required vitamins and fiber. If you enjoy McDonald’s with respect to McDonald’s hamburger ingredients you’ll simply need to apply moderate eating habits if you eat at the fast food establishment on a weekly basis. Eating too much junk food with respect to our article’s subject of McDonald’s hamburger ingredients can lead to all types of disease such as Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes. Again as with anything that presents a possible health risk moderation as to intake is always the key to maintaining the best possible health.

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