Missile Silos For Sale

A missile silo for sale is an underground and also vertical cylindrical container for the storage and launching of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Before1960s ICBMs had been launched from surface bases.

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This was first suggested in the 1950s in the United Kingdom as a suitable housing for Blue Streak missiles. In 1955 missile silo was built in the UK at RAF Spadeadam and with the cancellation of the Blue Streak project. The UK ICBM nuclear missile capability was transferred to submarines in 1960 but the idea of the underground rocket bunker was adopted by the USA.Siloworld.com is the one of the site available for missile silos for sale. Siloforsale.com is the anther website for missile silos for sale.

The price of the missile silos for sale is depending on the type of the missile. A typical missile silo cost more than US$6 million to construct. Missile silos are very big in size which is extremely energy-efficient. Tit should be maintained at consistent temperature regardless of the weather outside. The missiles are impervious to tornadoes and designed to withstand a nuclear blast. They are also quite safe in the event of an earthquake. Since there is reinforced concrete shell, missile silos never rots. It cannot be harmed by termites or other pests. Reinforced concrete shell structure can keep out nearly everything and everyone.

The problems of missile silos for sale are as follows.

1. The interior part receives little or no natural light.
2. Your cell phone and radio probably will not work inside.
3. You need to spend an enormous amount of money to make the silo habitable if someone else has not already done so.
4. Some of the silos filled with water over the years, which affect the giant wells. This is one of the major complications.

The US Atlas missile had four basing schemes.

The first were vertical and above ground launchers at Vandenberg AFB, California. The second was stored horizontally at Warren AFB, WY.The third was somewhat better protected, stored horizontally in a concrete building. This was known as “coffins” and then raised to the vertical shortly before launch. The fourth versions of the Atlas ICBM (the Atlas F) were stored vertically in underground silos. The Atlas was fueled in the silo and then had to be raised to the surface for launch. It was not possible to launch from within the silo. The Titan missile is a similar silo basing scheme to the Atlas F.

Things changed after the introduction of the Soviet UR-100 and the US Titan II missile series. The used both new liquid fuels which is stored in the missiles, is allowing for the rapid launch. Both systems were then moved to the silo system. The introduction of solid fuel systems in the later 1960s made this missile silos for sale even easier.

Today all most all countries have missile silos. China has silo-based weapons. Russia has downsized their own force to a handful of mobile and silo-based weapons and Delta IV submarines. The increase in decommissioned missile silos has led governments to sell them to individuals. The individuals then convert them to indisputably unique abodes.

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