Mosquito bite swelling

Mosquitoes are not only annoying but some people are scared of them too. They are scared of the infections those things carry with them and afraid of what they could be transmitting when they go from host to host.

The female mosquitoes are the ones that feed on blood.

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Whereas, the male mosquitoes fly around looking like some state bird as they are huge and scary looking albeit they really don’t bite.

A mosquito bite swelling occurs when there is an allergic reaction to the bite.

We all have different reactions to the bite/s and the reaction depends on our immunity. Some people don’t seem to get bit at all whereas others seem to be the favorite. Although this sounds reasonable, most likely it’s not true. Everyone standing outside at the same time may all be getting their fair share of mosquito bite but not everyone shares the same reaction.

The mosquito bite swelling is just one of the symptoms or reactions from the bite. Others may have blistering rashes or bruises. Some could have but 1 bite area but due to the allergic reaction, “hives” could develop all over their body.

It is rare that a mosquito bite swelling would or could lead to the tightening of the throat or anaphylaxis. Others could have a worsening asthma symptoms.

To help reduce a mosquito bite swelling, some use topical antihistamine cream on the bite itself whereas others, with more severe reactions from the mosquito bite swelling would need to take an oral antihistamine. Also, the use of Vick’s vapor rub, the menthol, helps relieve the itching and could control the mosquito bite swelling. Also, the use of hydrocortisone cream can help reduce both itching and swelling.

Wash the bitten area with soap and warm water, the warm water could help reduce the swelling.

To help prevent mosquito bites, first of, stay away from areas that are infested with mosquitoes such as swamps and grassy areas.

Wear something long that would prevent the mosquitoes from getting hold of your skin.

Spray yourself with mosquito repellants that contains DEET. For use on children, read the label first before you spray it on them. Skin so soft is said to be safe for children otherwise, just make sure your child or baby’s skin is covered.

Permethrin could be used to spray on the clothes or camping equipment but not directly on human skin.

Get rid of any standing water source around your house. There are tables that you can mix or apply in your pond, or bird bath or fountain outside your house and these tablets will not harm the fish or bird at all.

Some people believe that burning the leaves and/or brown grass will help rid of the mosquitoes as well. And yet, the most logical of all is to wear clothes that would protect the body from the mosquitoes. To tell your children to get in the house as soon as it gets dark, when the mosquitoes are out, and to use mosquito repellants.

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