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More than a decade ago, the internet and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) butted heads over the free distribution of copyrighted music on various free music download sites. Essentially, the RIAA felt that internet users were ‘stealing’ the music they legally owned for sale, and internet users felt that all information (of which music was one example) should be freely distributed.

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Free music download sites have since been shut down for the most part, giving way to pay music download sites like iTunes and Myspace Music. The fallout from the RIAA’s complaints have changed the virtual landscape of music download sites to something that tries to keep the ‘free distribution’ model of a decade ago while keeping the interests of the original musical artists in mind. Nowadays, music download sites are the best way to find and share music, as buying CDs and other physical media from brick and mortar stores carries with it the risk of introducing DRM (digital rights management) software with it. DRM prevents internet users from sharing the content of a music CD to others online, yet it also installs silent programs that can affect an operating system negatively if left unchecked by the user. For these reasons, and due to the competitive pricing of iTunes and other such services, music download sites have become the new leader for music industry sales. How ironic that music download sites, the very platform the RIAA scorned so much in the past, has now become their biggest profit earner in the present!

First step is making sure that you have the fast broadband connection, as well as a lot of spare ability on the hard disk. You are downloading large files and next make sure that your DVD player will read the DivX formats. The file compression format is been used by most of the download web sites. It keeps the high image quality & significantly reduces the file sizes and thus speeding-up a download time. Now prior to you rush-off as well as sign-up to first download web site you find, and check out many alternative web sites. Not each and every web site is well concerned to make experience enjoyable & rewarding one. In case, you don’t protect yourself and then expect being scammed.

What you must be looking for in the trustworthy & responsible download web site? Here are some pointers. Never sign-up to any web site that gives just the ongoing monthly subscription fees, and which charges you for every download. It is costly & totally unnecessary. Never waste your money and you would like to find the web site, which gives you the unlimited membership for the one off upfront payment. Membership charge may give you the unlimited access to download library.

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