Myrtle Beach chamber of commerce

Most of the people prefer to visit water falls rather than going to a beach in summer. Myrtle Beach is different.

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In hot weather it is Myrtle Beach is actually a beautiful sea shore. In recent times The Myrtle Beach of Chamber of Commerce has launched a new marketing campaign to encourage visiting the Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach chambers of commerce are a place where businessmen and few residents come along under one roof. The two communities make a common bond for the structured growth a d development of the Myrtle Beach area. The chamber of commerce is committed with few of the objectives such as to build a strategic plan to up grade its services to the members, promote the place so that there is increase in the number of visitors or tourists.

The mission of the myrtle beach chamber of commerce is that it should be recognized as the leading business organization that serves the myrtle beach area and its members by providing them quality products, programs etc that improves the economic prosperity chamber of commerce.

Myrtle Beach is now ready to welcome travelers with golf courses; shopping, festival etc. the main aim of this campaign is to fill up the numerous hotel rooms that had been constructed during last few years. Myrtle Beach consists of about 20,000 lodging units since 2002, but the percentage of occupancy as just 54%.

Endless summer festival was launched by the north beach of Chamber of Commerce. His was down to attract people to visit Myrtle Beach at the peak summer season. About 75% of the population who made a survey on this festival concluded that Myrtle Beach is one if the interesting vacation spots to enjoy with family or friends, whereas some of the people are interested in weekend getaway.

Myrtle Beach, the name was derived from the bushes that were found at the time of early settlement stage. As said earlier this beach is well known for its sand and its weather conditions during hot season as well as through out the year. Golf course is also famous in Myrtle Beach. There was survey done by some organization, Myrtle Beach consisted of around 100 golf courses. Myrtle is also known as the golf capital of the world. Myrtle Beach has grown explosively by its pleasant weather conditions and the golf courses.

The myrtle beach of Chamber of Commerce provide you the tourists a very good hospitality. As association is formed to give the details about the lodging facility. Reservations can also be made through online web sites and few tour operators are also present for this purpose. Lodging facilities are pretty costly in Myrtle Beach. Yet, you can get more information by just going through the Myrtle Beach web site.

Myrtle Beach advertisements are reaching people those who are not the visitors of the beach and probably encouraging them to visit this place. A number of phone calls were made to the Myrtle Beach chambers of commerce in response to the television advertisement. There were few people; about 25% who responded through online informed that they never visited the beach. On an over all survey 75% percent of the people still didn’t visit the Myrtle Beach

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