New iPods to Come

Many consumers who have joined the iPod craze cannot help but purchasing a new iPod when they find out about the arrival of a new generation of the product. As such the iPod junkie will wonder about the new iPods to come.

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This is only natural of course as with each new iPod that is launched there are enhanced features further adding to the popularity of the top selling device.

So what are the new iPods to come? Well, if you have yet to notice the new iPods with respect to our article’s subject of new iPods to come have already been out since September. It is a well-known fact in the “land of iPod” that the latest and greatest iPods relative to our subject of new iPods to come always make their appearance in the month of September of each year. If you were not aware of the tradition you may want to mark your annual calendar accordingly. This means the newly updated iPod or iPod Nano is now available through your local retailer.

Some persons believed the iPod Touch was also a new product launch during September however such was not the case with respect to our article new iPods to Come. The Touch was just an upgrade. It is not standard fare nor will it be for the Apple Company to launch two new iPod products at the same time. With regard to new iPods to come, Apple generally will not launch new products closer than six months apart. This means the iPod Nano respective of new iPods to come was the new iPod product presented during September of this year and the iPod Touch was merely an upgrade.

The Nano iPod is as previously commented on already out and iPod enthusiasts may expect no further new product launches until next September.

In order that you better understand the difference between an upgrade to an existing product and a new product launch with regard to new iPods to come the following definitions are provided:

A new product infers there is a difference in design with regard to the product or a new feature has been added to an existing product relative to our subject-matter of new iPods to come;
An upgrade means to you the consumer that something that already exists has been expanded upon.

When the words new generation are used in description of the iPod product it means there have been features added relative to new iPods to come. In example when speaking of the iPod Touch adding Mic output within the headphone jack and a new speaker integrated into the device made the iPod Touch at that point a second generation product. However, currently nothing new was added. Sixteen GB was dropped and 64 GB was added therefore the Touch product relative to new iPods to come was merely an upgrade in September. It was the iPod Nano with Video that was considered the new product launch. If you want the newest iPod, as previously stated, then you’ll want to purchase the new iPod Nano with Video. If you are seeking an upgrade to an existing product then you may wish to purchase the iPod Touch.

Regardless, relative to new iPods to come you probably should not expect no more new generation products until the next September (of 2010). This doesn’t mean there will not be a new iPod Touch within the future of iPod, it just means that the new generation Touch product will not be available at this point until next September. The normal date when new product launches occur for new generation iPods respective of our article’s subject new iPods to come is again generally within the first couple weeks in September.

Many persons wishing to replace their iPods will mark their calendars accordingly for the Black Friday in September when the new generation products come out. If you keep yourself aware of it you may purchase the newest in electronics with respect to the iPod before everyone else.

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