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If you are a movie nut, you’ll be interested in finding out where the new movie trailers can be seen. Often times, new movie trailers are available online at sites like, and in high-definition on Quicktime’s homepage (requires the quicktime player).

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Nowadays, even home video game consoles are capable of playing the new movie trailers before they’re even seen in movie theaters. The Playstation 3, a Sony Corp. video game console, has the distinct advantage over other consoles to be able to play Sony Pictures new movie trailers, as well as all of Sony’s blu-ray media partners who are releasing new movie trailers for their home video releases. Likewise, the Xbox 360 is capable of showing new movie trailers via it’s Xbox Live Marketplace application, although the selection is not as robust as Sony’s PS3 selection. Certain smart phone applications are also capable of showing new movie trailers, especially the iPhone (with its built-in compatibility to iTunes). Windows 7-based phones are also capable of viewing these trailers, and in general if you know the website of the movie you’re interested in, there will undoubtedly be a trailer posted online courtesy of the film’s marketing team.

After having the successful run in the theaters & drive ins and on TV, movie disks & computers, now movies have breached an intangible peripheries of World Wide Web. And this has also added entirely new state to movie watching business. Now you get, courtesy latest servers with many gigabytes of the storage space, the unlimited collection of the movies that includes all titles, which ever were made. Thus you may watch practically any of the movie & at a time you select. With basic hardware & software that is supported by the quick internet connection, and you may have the great movie watching knowledge. Go for the computer with very good hard drive space, wide TFT screen of the good resolution, memory, superior audio & video drivers, and 5.1 speakers, which reproduce the Dolby sound and latest software such as DivX, Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player, Vlc, Real Media Player and Quick Time player. After that an only thing that you are left is finding good web sites, which stream movies. There you may either watch whole movies or else watch the latest movie trailers on internet – trailers of the movies, which are at present playing in theatres or is soon released.

Streaming is a technology, which web sites utilize to play the movies. With the technology the movie is played on the users’ computer and whereas it is to be delivered from storing server. It reduces time of the download and movie will begin playing the moment downloading begins.

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