Night leg cramps

Has it ever happened to you where you suddenly wake up due to a leg cramp – in the middle of the night? It has happened to me and boy does that hurt! Thank goodness, I am not alone. A lot of people have suffered these night time cramps and these cramps involve the calf, feet and even the thighs and there seems to be no reason at all for these night leg cramps.

Pregnant women experience these night leg cramps more than others and, like it or not, these night leg cramps increases as we get older these night leg cramps could mean nothing at all, for the most part, however (and I knew you were waiting for that) it could also be associated with the following diseases:

Addison’s, medications, dehydration, alcoholism, Cirrhosis of the liver, diarrhea, flatfeet, diuretics, low or imbalanced electrolytes, hypothyroidism, muscle fatigue, kidney failure, gastric bypass surgery, OCP or oral contraceptives, Parkinson’s disease, PAD or peripheral artery disease.

Besides being bothersome and annoying night leg cramps is natural and sometimes it keeps us up for a while just because as soon as you thought it was over, it may happen again however it is advisable for you to see your doctor should the night leg cramps occur too often.

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If it keeps you up at night to a point where you cannot function during the day, or if you experience muscle weakness, call your doctor for there may be an underlying cause for these leg cramps.

For pregnant women, these leg cramps could be a sign of dehydration.

Should you feel the on-set of these cramps the best thing to do is to fight the direction your feet are going – meaning, stretch your toes up towards your head. During the day, drink lots of fluids, massage the area that is cramping, shake or jiggle the affected leg, soaking your legs in a warm or hot bath.

Once again, if the cramping happens too often, call your doctor so he’d be able to properly diagnose the problem. Again, it could be nothing but be sure anyway. Especially seek your doctor’s help if you have been exposed to lead or other toxins of the like. Be sure that your lower extremities are not swollen. If you workout and the cramping happens after you exercise, do more stretching after the workout and drink lots of water.

In some cases, you might need to take medication to help alleviate the cramping at night. There are exercises that you can try to hopefully reduce or get rid of the night cramps such as pointing your toes towards your knees or to your head then back to normal. Doing these toe point exercises helps circulate the blood past the valves of your leg veins. Do these exercises during the day and night.

Diets rich in magnesium such as tofu, fish and spinach could help control those night time leg cramps as well. And vitamin E as well as diphenhydramine hydrochloride medications could help too.

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