In the year 1977 a new TV channel was introduced in Columbus which is called as Pinwheel. On 1st April 1979 this channel telecasted these Old Nickelodeon Shows.

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In the year 1982 this Nickelodeon show was famoused as Canadian Sketch Comedy show so it was banned on television because revolution came into existence in that time. This show became famoused among the childrens.Using this theme Nickelodeon adopted the one of the famous “Orange Splat” in the year 1984.In the beginning of the 80s along with the channel Pinwheel this Nickelodeon Cartoon show was only telecasted in foreign countries.

In the year 1986 a new game show Double Dare had taken the slim and messiness to the extreme.Ofter the four days Double Dare Premier on this Old Nickelodeon shows the ratings on Double Dare increased. In the one month of duration Double Dare became the one of the highest rated serial on the Cable Television.

In the year 1987 Old Nickelodeon Shows were created a Kids Choice Awards for small childrens which gives a small frame in which you can vote for your favourite actors from sports, television, movies and from musics.

In the year 1989,in order to make for Preschool Audiens these Old Nickelodeon Shows with his own block of programming created one show called Nick jr.brand.One of distinctive feature of this block is logo of larger orange “Nick” words and smaller blue Jr words. This orange coloured “Nick” was looking like parental figure to blue coloured “Jr”.This was conveyed through different objects like rabbits, trees and human figures. This Nick Jr band block was telecasted between morning 9am to 3 pm and it shows only foreign cartoons.

In the year 1989 These Old Nickelodeon shows was available in 44 million homes in a whole nation. The year 1989-1990 was called as a beginning of the Nickelodeons in house production time. There are number of shows in these Old Nickelodeon Shows some of them are Finders Keepers, Think Fast, Make the Grade and Wild and Crazy kids. One of the other shows which were telecasted by this Nickelodeon show is Cult Classic Hey Dude. In the year 1990 this Nickelodeon studios were officially opened in the Orlando and Florida countries.

In the beginning of the 90s Nickelodeon was started gaining money from the Foreign Cartoon Shows which were telecasted in the early 80s.Some of the Foreign Cartoon Shows are Maya The Bee which was telecasted in the year 1990 in Japan, Rupert which was telecasted in the year 1990 in United States and Liff Bitts which was telecasted in Japan in the year 1991

The year 1991 was marked as one of the greatest achievement made year for these Old Nickelodeon Shows where they are introducing Nicktoons for the first times. On 11 august 1991 which is a Sunday at 10 am one of the in house produced Nicktoon called Doug was introduced to the world. Two more populated Nicktoons Rugrats and Ren & Stimpy also introduced to the world on the same day.

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