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‘Online advertising free’ is a powerful online marketing tool. It’s used by many people, but the results are favorable only for those who implement relevant techniques.

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It does let the other advertising mediums behind. The major reason being cost.

Many traditional methods of advertising do help companies to gain profit. But they incur cost, time and energy. It does require a large group of people to make it a success. That means a lot of administration is required. Advertising a particular product/service requires a free, unrestricted platform. Whereas advertising in other mediums are limited. Not reachable to many. It demands amendments with time. And do need regular follow up .So has more drawbacks then advantages.

Now days ‘Online advertising free ‘is a must for a particular business. People use it instead of other mediums.

Companies have a lot of expectations from ‘online advertising free ‘as it serves their purpose. But reality also needs to be considered. Before expecting, reality should be kept in mind. That enables the companies to hire marketing experts, who can guide them.

Many researches related to various aspects should be done before going ahead. ‘Online advertising free ‘is successful only when these are formulated with right expectations.

First step should be the search of a platform where the advertisement can gain popularity and exposure. The best method: to make a website with prominent keywords. So it’s visible on search engines. Get it listed in online directories, different advertisement programs.

Secondly, the expenses do matter a lot. Preference should be given to methods involving less money but more results. So then ‘online advertising free ‘comes to play. Posting of a proper contented and relevant advertisement works well.

Third, the presentation of the particular site does play a vital role. Relevant content with appropriate use to aids make the website attractive. The site shouldn’t be overstuffed with different types of ads (banner, popup, floating etc).Content should be simple and easy to understand. A less elaborated content is preferred by viewers. Minimum use of videos: it’s irritating for many people. Instead use of animated videos is more beneficial.

Fourth, use proper methods for interacting. Only posting an add saying interact with us doesn’t work. It should be entertaining. This serves the viewers interest.

Fifth, easy methods for payment should be available. So that if a person wants to buy a product can simply buy it online. Its time saving and customer focused.

Last but not the least, the website should assure privacy. Information related to the viewer has to be privatized. People will only prefer to buy or visit the site if given proper assurance.

Use of social networking site helps in brand promotion. They also can increase sales, targeting age specific groups.

All the above stated steps are only a few many others can be used as well. For improving online revenues experimenting with new techniques is necessary.

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