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Now days a lot of strategies are recommended by market experts for ‘online free advertising’.

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But some simple marketing strategies can also be used. It’s not necessary to use only complex strategies for ‘online free advertising’. Some simple methods to gain online revenue can be utilized. Few of them are:

Making use of Social media Social networking sites

Two popular ones are face book and twitter. Many people use them for building networks; let it be related to business or friend circle.

Face book: Can be utilized not only for making friends but also for building your brand. You Gain prospects to choose you instead of someone else. Posting of the valuable content is more important. You may post only 25% of links but 75% of valuable content. This helps a lot. Do post a new status every 1-2 days. Make more friends and reply to comments. If people like your content then respond with a message. Adding of pictures and videos’ are also fruitful but shouldn’t be of long duration. Just use valuable and relent videos.

Twitter: It has more followers. It’s far popular as compared to any other social networking site. As used by more people, so the content presentation should be relevant and focusing on sales. Twitter showcases many links every day. The users can only view the one they want simply by clicking it. Need to follow as many people as you can. But same method to be applied here: utilize 25% of links only rest relevant content. It’s a bit hard to get revenue from Twitter as compared to face book.

Use of articles, videos and blogging Articles:

The articles can act as organic mines. They remain on search engines forever. Writing an article once is sufficient; you can make money using the same after long time. It’s organic as in: produced once but avail the benefits for lifetime. Content of the articles should be interesting and valuable. Make use of proper keywords. So when searched appears prominently on search engines. A catchy heading also act as a catalyst for this.


It’s the easiest method of ’online free advertising’. Create your blog: acts as a hub for the content. Stuffing it with many ads won’t make it attractive. People can read, get information about a product etc. It leads to enhancing the sales. All other things i.e. videos, articles, brand can be brought together.

Combination of the above stated ways can act wonderful for ‘online free advertising’. These methods are interconnected. For example when the article is old, can be posted on blog. Similarly, the most watched videos can be placed on blog. Addition of videos along with posts works better. More friends mean more publicity of the product/service. Added advantage being a lot of email addresses can be collected, leading to formation of a chain (sales chain). Sure these methods work without demanding money and time when ‘online free advertising’s considered.

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