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Canada is a the 2nd largest country in the world. So many information is available in online regarding this country.It contains valleys, mountains,rivers,glaciers, national parks and other natural islands.Maps, graphs and other geographical features are depicts Canada.
OK now We study One by One.

1.Mountains:- Canada has varying type of terrestrial region, most of the part of terrain is mountainous.The major mountain is the  Western Cordillera located in Western Canada,Columbia,Northwest Territories.The second major mountain is Spread over north eastern sea board, new found land and Labrador.
Geographical names board of Canada or Online Maps of Canada will give the list of mountains with their heights.

2.Lakes:-Canada has a number of lakes,among these most of the lakes larger than 400 square Km.The total area of the lake includes islands, where as the net area of the lakes is the only water surface.Some of lakes are Lac Evans,Lac pavne, Lac Sakami and so on.We can find all these locations with the help of Online Maps of Canada.
3.Glaciers:-Glaciers are the water source to lakes and rivers.During summer Glaciers are chief water source.In Canada number of Glaciers are found.Mainland Canada and Arctic Islands consists of huge number of Glaciers.

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4.Land and Fresh water:- I have already told that Canada is the second largest country in the world where as Russia got the first place.It contains a large  geographical area, forest,grass lands,industrial Field etc..we can find all these landmarks in Online Maps of Canada.
And Canada has a huge water sources like Islands, Glaciers,lakes and rivers.

5.Rivers:-Rivers are the means of transportation here. They form extensive networks over the country. They acts as channels for fresh or surface waters.Mackenzie river provides largest drainage area.some of Canada’s major rivers are Yukin, Stevert, Tesslin and White rivers.
6.National Parks:-Canada’s national park and National park reserves established by Government of Canada.It was came in to existence with the purpose of preservation wild life,increase the scenic beauty.

Some of the named national parks are Banff National Park in Alberta, Yoho NPP at British Columbia and etc which are also included in Online Maps of Canada.

7.Islands:-In Canada Islands total area exceeding 129 Sq km.Some of famous islands are Queen Elizabeth Islands, Arctic Islands,Pacific coast Island etc..these are all fresh water source in Canada.

8.Coast line and Shore line:-Coast line is a margin of sea or it can be say that a general line of the coast.Canada has the largest coast line in the world. The coast line includes the mainland coast and also the Island’s offshore.
Shore line is measured as the perimeter of the land along the sea edge or it may be water’s edge.
9.Water falls:-World’s best water falls means the water fall is greater in height as well as on the volume also.Canada’s Niagara Falls is world’s best water fall its estimated annual flow is 6000 c/s.
Canada state Government declares 3 Water falls are reserving Water falls.

    1.Saint John River

    2.Wager Bay

    3.Barrier Inlet

10.Whether:-Canada has Cold winter and very hot summer.It has a snow falling areas.

11.Natural calamities:-This country was suffered by earth quack. world’s largest earth quack in 1942, was happened in Canada.Its richer scale range was 8.1, this is the highest range the world had never seen.
Some times,this country is also affected by Tsunami. At last the Online Maps of Canada is very useful.

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