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Calculator is an electronic device which is used for calculating the mathematical related problems, normally operates by the power of cell. Pocket calculator differs from an online math calculator by having a limited problem solving ability and an interface is optimized for interactive calculation rather than programming.

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Calculators can be hardware or software, mechanical or electronic, and are often built into devices such as PDA’s or mobile phones. Online math calculators are internet-based operating devices. It is very versatile when you are online and performs immediate computations. The system and the working server are very accurate, effective and faster in solving problems.

Online math calculators are computing devices used to solve mathematical simultaneous equations, binary or hexadecimal problems, and also solve trigonometric related computations. Normal calculators are installed with a program by a software engineer that instantly solves equations when numbers are inputted. An online calculator works under the same principle. The only difference is that an online math calculator is software and it not only solves math problems, but also solves trivial equations which can not be solved in the normal calculators.

Online math calculators used to calculate loan amount for different payment frequencies, to determine monthly interest payment, hence it solves the problems and saves time of businessmen. And some are used for a special reason, for individual purpose, and for health reason. The examples of online calculator consists of many categories namely Online Love Calculators, Online Ovulation Calculator, Online Body Mass Index (BMI) calculators, and Online Gas Mileage Calculators.

Online love calculator used to measure the probability of a successful relationship between two people. Bear in mind that the result should not be taken seriously. This love program is taken just for fun.

Ovulation calculators are best for those women who want to get pregnant, already pregnant, or women who want to know the safe days for sexual intercourse not using any means of contraceptives.

The BMI calculator is a calculator is used to find out the BMI or Body Mass Index of a person. The result will be able to know whether the person is weight healthy based on her or his height. And finally the online gas mileage calculator can be used to compute for gas mileage for your particular trip.

Online math calculators performs the below mentioned tasks : arrays, matrix, integrals, trigonometry functions, linear equations, differential equations, financial functions, polynomials, function solver, math equation solver, variables, products, inequalities, approximations, root-finding for algebraic functions, integrate functions numerically, analysis of a function and more. It can solve various mathematical problems in areas of calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics, numerical algorithms, applied mathematics and engineering mathematics.
Use of variables, definitions, pi, exponential function, products , symbols, sets, logic is allowed and possible. Statistical and finance functions are possible.
This free math software program could help you solving broad range of math computing and math computation problems, from basic (elementary) to even very powerful college math problems. Study and make solutions to your math exercises. Figure, puzzle out, answer or resolve your everyday or advanced math problems. Work out you homework worksheets. Check your theorems and theory concepts.
This complimentary computer program can be used in science, in research but also in education learning (both university and in different school grades, but it isn’t the best for dummies).

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