Online Star Wars Game

The online Star Wars game is widely renowned among online gamers. This game was created by a combination of some of the great entertainment providers which include Lucas Arts Entertainment, Verant Interactive Incorporation, and Sony Online Entertainment.

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It is a multiplayer role playing game.

The game was officially termed as Star Wars Galaxies. The official website for the game was launched at the end of the year 2000. The release was spread out and scheduled such that the players benefited from the space components of the Star Wars series. Thus, the gamers had enough time to be well equipped with the characters and discover special features of the game.

There are different features in the game.

Geographical features

The game initially had ten planets in its galaxy. They were Dantooine, Talus, Rori, Lok Naboo, Tatooine, Corellia, Yavin IV, Dathomir, and the forest moon of Endor. Later on there was a home planet added, which was named Kashyyyk. And then a planet named Mustafar was also added. The two new planets were smaller in size, different in construction, and had different rules as well.


The graphics of the online Star Wars game was liked by most gamers. The presence realistic models as the characters, and the detailed architecture along with the beautiful green environment added a completely new dimension to the game.

Cameos played by the movie’s artists

The artists of the Star Wars movies have given the game popularity. There have been references made from the Star Wars version of the Thrawn Trilogy. Characters such as Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn have made quite an impact in publicizing the game. The game has taken reference from other version of the Star Wars movie as well.

Professions of the Species

There are 10 species available in the online Star Wars game. A player can choose any of the species. Each player chooses a profession out of the 9 available professions. Apart from this, a player can choose the profession of pilot sub profession and the politician sub profession.

The professions control four major areas of development, damage dealing, crowd control, and tanking. This brings in a balance in combat between different professions. The competition will get tougher and a lot more exciting. The professions lead to the type of armor your character gets.

Warfare mechanics

Ground combat is real time where you get to use guns on targets. There are features of auto aim and auto fire. As the character gains levels, it finds newer modes of artillery and the abilities are activated using the toolbars. These are known as specials. They have other features such as healing, and crowd control.

Building, housing by players

Players are able to create houses, decorate buildings, in the online Star Wars game. Grouping these buildings lead to establishing cities. Players can stand up to become mayors. As the cities grow in terms of the population, newer items can be added. Car garages, hospitals, and gardens are built once the city has a strong population.

Hence the online Star Wars game has specific features which make the game quite interesting. The multiplayer option makes the game even more exciting. And better versions of the game are being launched with more stages and enhanced graphics.

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