Ovarian cyst signs symptoms

Ovarian cysts are known to occur in females. This can be a common disease in many females around the world.
There are so many symptoms for ovarian cyst signs symptomst.

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Let us see this one by one:-

  • Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is the general ovarian cyst sign or symptom. The pain can vary from mild to a serious one. Any presence of abdominal pain requires immediate medical attention. Due to the presence of this disease, the abdomen experiences sharp acute pain.

  • Pain during sex

This is another common symptom of ovarian cyst. Since the ovary is affected, the vagina experiences extreme pain during a sexual intercourse.

  • Vaginal discharge

This can serve as an ovarian cyst signs symptoms. In this, there will be vaginal discharge for a long amount of time. It can be very painful at times. Even during normal days, vaginal discharge is found to persist.

  • Menstrual symptoms

This can be a vital symptom or sign of ovarian cyst. Pain during menstruation, late periods, and early periods can all serve as general symptoms. Abnormal vaginal bleeding can also serve as a good means of diagnosing ovarian cyst.

  • Nausea

This is the usual symptom of ovarian cyst. However, it cannot serve as a proper clue for diagnosing this disease because nausea can exist in several diseases. Nausea is nothing but a feeling or vomiting sensation.

  • Fever

Fever is bound to persist in females who have ovarian cyst disease. Sometimes the temperature may soar high and may drop low. In this situation, it is necessary to approach a doctor for medical treatment.

  • Urinary problems

If a cyst is present in the ovary, then urinating will be a difficult task to perform. Urine flow may not be regular and also some traces of blood can be witnessed. These are difficult situations and the victim is urged to visit a doctor immediately.

  • Pelvic pain

This is a common symptom of ovarian cyst sign symptoms. Due to the presence of the cyst in the ovary, there is bound to be sharp pain near the pelvic region that may come and go at a steady rate. The place which will cause pain is the pelvic bone.

  • Rupture of the cyst

Once the cyst starts to develop inside the ovary, it bulges and becomes big. This is accompanied by sharp and severe pain and the cyst eventually becomes hard and ruptures.

  • Weight gain

This is another important sign of ovarian cyst. The presence of ovarian cyst increases the appetite. Due to the increase in the appetite, the victim starts to eat more and more and eventually the body mass increases.

  • Breast tenderness

This is another important sign/symptom of ovarian cyst. In this, the breast becomes very tender. In this case, it is important to visit a doctor because this symptom can also be due to breast cancer.
Thus, the various symptoms of ovarian cysts have been discussed and in all the cases, it has to be a must to visit a doctor.

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