Panera Bread Calories

Panera Bread has approximately over twelve hundred locations within the United States. Panera Bread is embraced by many individuals wanting to maintain optimum health.

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The reason this is so Panera Bread offers delicious grain rich breads or wheat breads to its consumer in preparing their sandwiches and adds a healthy accompaniment of a delicious apple. The apple is a substitute for chips. The Panera Bread calories are of no concern with regard to some menu items as they offer the consumer many foods that are low in fat such as salads that are half the standard size, soups and sandwiches created with the individuals wishing to keep fat intake to a minimum. The company with regard to Panera Bread calories wants to make certain you keep caloric intake as well as fat calories to a minimum in the way of some of its menu offerings and as it pertains to your diet.

The Panera Bread calories are dependent naturally on what you order. Following are some of the healthy food choices offered by the company with reasonable level of calories for weight loss and then some not so much. In other words the Panera Bread calories shown here with respect to favorite food choices will prove favorable to the individual who is seeking fresh food options with low levels of fat. Some of the calories may be a little on the high side however you may always scale down on Panera Bread days when it comes to dinner options and maybe take the time to work out more.

The dieter with respect to Panera Bread calories can order a Vegetable Garden which is low in fat along with a whole grain loaf for right around two hundred twenty calories and with only 2.5 grams of fat. If you like many individuals prefer soup you can order the Broccoli Cheddar Soup inside a soup bowl of sourdough. The Panera Bread calories are a bit high for this selection: 790 calories and around 17.5g of fat calories. You’ll need to go lightly calorie-wise as to what you eat for your evening meal if you choose the Broccoli Cheddar Soup inside the sourdough soup bowl.

Many dieters can’t seem to let go of good Barbeque when they are dieting. A selection as far as Panera Bread calories that is reasonable calorie-wise is the BBQ Chicken Crispani. The menu choice is a mere 380 calories and 15g are fat calories. Another selection may be best to be considered the primary meal of the day and that is the Sierra Turkey Sandwich with 840 calories and with forty grams of fat calories. You may wish to select a fresh vegetable salad for dinner without the dressing if you choose the Sierra Turkey Sandwich for lunch. The Panera Bread calories for this selection are a little on the high side.

Beverage selections at Panera Bread are interesting and as far as Panera Bread calories you may order a nice Chai Tea Latte – one hundred ninety calories and only 4g of fat calories. If you’ve saved a great deal of calories elsewhere as far as Panera Bread calories a Caramel Latte comprised of three hundred ninety calories may be safe as long as you keep the remaining calories for the day on the low-end. The delicious Caramel Latte has 16 grams of calories from fat.

The individual who is working at losing weight as far as Panera Bread calories is best advised to stick with choices that are on the low end calorie-wise.

In the way of Panera Bread calories you will need to be discerning with regard to your selections. This may be not too easy since flavorings within beverages such as lattes will drive up the number of calories. Also high calorie salad dressings, certain sauces and cheeses that are not low in fat may present somewhat of a problem for the dieter wishing to keep fat calorie intake to a minimum or overall calories low.

The Turkey per se is not high in fat calories with regard to Panera Bread calories. It is when you add items such as the sauce and the cheese raising the calorie fat content of the sandwich.

Individuals however who are careful and order a good cup of java and maybe a warm piece of Panera Bread will not need to worry too much about Panera Bread calories.

Again if you enjoy visiting Panera Bread as many other individuals you will just need to assure if you select a higher calorie option that you select one low in fat calories and keep the rest of your daily caloric intake to a minimum. In example, you will need to prepare some fresh vegetables for snacking later on or take some time to work out a little longer at the gym. Panera Bread calories can be healthy calories as long as you keep flavoring and sauces to a minimum. In example, what’s to prevent you from asking not to include the sauce or scraping off additional sauce added to your lean Turkey sandwich? Certainly the whole wheat breads do not present a problem as to relative freshness or nutritional value. Just be sure if you do select an item that is highly caloric with regard to Panera Bread calories that the rest of your day is comprised of light eating.

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