Parts of the eye

At first we could sort listed all the parts as below:
Anterior chamber: it’s the front portion of the eye and containing an aqueous fluid. It’s the main part of the eye bounded in front by the part of the cornea and it’s in the back of the iris and lens.

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Aqueous Humor: both the anterior and posterior chambers, transparent liquid of the eye. It’s a kind of chemical reaction similar to the blood plasma but within sort while their protein contain will loss. Its also the one of the main part of the eye all liquid feeds in to the cornea and after that continually manufactured by the some of the tissues especially in the choroids.
Capsule: transparent membrane that encloses and fully surrounds the lens.

Choroids: it’s a vascular layer normally it supplies the nutrients to all parts of the eye. it Contains a melanin like substance so that it only gives the color to our hair and skin.

Ciliary’s body and crystalline lens: the camera lens and eye lens are working similar. It has a flexible structure and transparent size and also aspirin tablet size. Its lens is tightly packed, lens fibers, its surrounded by the elastic capsule.

Ciliary’s nerves: this is the one important nerve we can say sensory nerve fibers that can run under many circumstances like underneath. It’s one of the large sensory nerve in the head and also very important among the parts of the eye.

Conjunctiva: it’s the thin transparent shed of lines it will seal when lid to lid over lapse. In this lacririmal supporting gland that helps really a lot but in this 2 ways it’s most helpful. At the first its help the conjunctive moist and the second one is the sensitive conjunctive.
Cornea: it’s the outer surface of the eye so it provides the 60% normally for the focusing power that’s considered in the eye site. This Cornea consist Epithelium or outer covering, Decrement’s membrane, Stroma, endothelium or inner layer. Mainly some one considers 2 layer inner and outer layer.

Eyelids: the eye normally protecting from some of the mechanical injury that has been taken place around our environment by coated or enclosed in a layer of socket or some kind of orbit around it which is made up of proteins of many bones of the skull its form a pyramid shape of 4 sided which point back to the overall side of the head area. The eye site or eye ball and their complete muscles are surrounded by the orbital fats so that cushion permitting all kind of eye ball rotation about the center of the eye area so that Eyelids also play good role in the Parts of the eye.
Glandular size of Apparatus: Secretions of these lachrymal glands that are covering the moist of the eye so that tears don’t get spread across that evaporate of the eye because oily materials spread across the prevented area in the eye lids.

Iris: It’s surrounded overlying the lens and controls the light that entering the eye site. It’s a thin elastic tissue covered by the circular muscle we call it as sphincter.
Macula, Nerves, optic nerve, orbit, posterior chamber, pupil, Retina, Sclera, and Vitreous Humor etc are the main Parts of the eye.

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