Pisces Physical Traits

Many persons of various astrological signs are interested in knowing more about Pisces with regard to basic physical characteristics. Pisces physical traits include eyes that are quite large and generally considered some of the most beautiful eyes within the Universe.

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This is probably due to the spiritual aspect of the fish.

The birth dates of the Pisces Zodiacal sign are from the dates of February 23rd to March 22nd. Pisces is the twelfth Zodiacal sign within westernized Astrology. Individuals possessing Pisces physical traits again are known for their large beautiful eyes. Also the women of the sign tend to have an athletic bent which is a receptive feature of males.

Along with having very big protruding eyes it is not uncommon for the person possessing Pisces physical traits to also have eyes that are extremely interesting or beautiful in color. This aspect is thought to be representative of the Piscean soul.

May individuals possessing Pisces physical traits are thought to be short although this is a broad-brushed statement and not necessarily true across the board. One thing is certain persons with Pisces physical traits have feet that are beautiful and well-proportioned to the rest of his or her exterior or just the opposite. Some fish have feet that are large in comparison to the rest of their form.

The men with Pisces physical traits may have shoulders that are well-developed and this can as well be true of the women. It is fairly dependent on how much the Piscean chooses to work out with respect to Pisces physical traits. The fish is naturally prone however to problems with their feet therefore it is recommended with respect to Pisces physical traits that these aquatic oriented individuals keep a comfortable pair of slippers by his or her bedside and find some decent athletic shoes for walking.

Also with regard to Pisces physical traits since the feet are of major concern to the star sign it may be a good idea to find some good products with regard to soaking the feet and a foot cream.

The spiritual side of Pisces with regard to Pisces physical traits is by far the predominate force with regard to the fish. The fish is highly adaptable to any given situation and performs well in any situation where they are being of service to other men and women. This means their soulful eyes can aid when providing compassionate care to individuals who are feeling ill or who are seeking kind reassurance.

The Pisces relative to Pisces physical traits therefore will do well looking kindly upon the troubles of other men and women employing the use of their big protruding eyes as a social worker or any type of care giver. In the commercial world their spiritual calling of being of service to others may be best employed and respective of Pisces physical traits in occupations such as bartending.

Their general inclination toward athleticism and with regard to Pisces physical traits may serve them well when patient care is required in the assistance of non-ambulatory patients such as found in a health care setting.

Summarily with regard to Pisces physical traits the fish is advised to take good care of their feet; and individuals wishing to apprise themselves of the Piscean’s outward appearance will find a friend with soulful eyes and a matching disposition.

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