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Pool games can be played online for free and also pool games can be downloaded. Free online Pool games are the interesting games.

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To download the free online pool game the system should have the following OS: Windows 2000 or 98 or 95 or XP. On a 56k modem the time taken for loading is 70 seconds. There are certain rules to be followed while playing this game. The rules to be followed while playing 8-ball pool are as follows.

(1) Aim of Free online pool game – This game is played using 15 object balls and one cue ball. The cue ball is usually white color. The object balls are numbered from 1 to 15. The balls numbered from 1 to 7 are of solid colors, balls from 9 to 15 consist of stripes and the eighth ball is black in color. Two players can play free online pool game. One of the players should pocket the striped balls while the other should pocket the balls of solid colors. The player should collect the balls of his group and then the eighth ball. The player who does this wins the game.

(2) Opening Break – A triangle is formed using the balls. The eighth ball is placed at the center of the triangle. The solid ball and the striped balls are placed at the corners. The solid balls are at one corner while the striped balls in the other corner. The cue ball will be behind the head string and the game begins. The first cue ball can hit any ball.

(3) Choice of group – In the opening break, no ball is pocketed then table is said to be open itself that is the player has not yet decided which group of balls he has to pocket and the opposite player will have the next chance to play free online pool game. When the table is open the player can hit any ball that is the solid or stripe or eighth ball. The choice of the group depends on the group which he pockets first when the table is open. Once the player gets his group then he should collect all the balls of that group.

(4) Play and win – A player can continue the play if he pockets the ball of his group if he fails to pocket the ball then the opposite player gets a chance to play and he can continue to play until he fails to pocket a ball. Foul will be called if the player fails to complete one shot within 60 seconds. If a foul is called then the opposite player gets a chance.

(5) Fouls – The foul is called when the cue ball is pocketed by a player or shot takes more than 60 seconds.

(6) Losing the game – The player loses the game if he pockets the eighth ball before pocketing the other balls and it is a foul.

Any one can participate in the game. Before taking part you should read and agree the rules. This game is played every second week. After agreeing the rule the partisans can enter into any room of the tournament to play the game.

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