possible causes for tingling in left arm

Have you ever experienced tingling of your left arm? It’s that sensation where it feels like there are thousands of ants on your arm or pins and needles on your arm. It mostly happens when you have your arm in a certain position for a long period of time or if you don’t move your arm for a few minutes.

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Or perhaps you may have twisted your arm the wrong way or that you overused your arms and you think it could be cramping due to that. We can think of it as something silly as your arm “falling asleep” but in reality it could be a warning sign of something serious and so do not brush this off. Speak to your doctor about this.

This tingling sensation is usually due to an abnormal nerve activity. Some experience burning or a numbing sensation, sometimes prickling – the term for this is “paresthesia”. Paresthesia is the lack of proper nerve function of the left arm.

Some of the major causes of tingling of the left arm could occur in conjunction with jaw pain or chest pain. If this is the case then you may be experience the on-set of a heart attack. If this happens, go to your doctor or to the nearest emergency room. The symptoms could also be a sign of stroke. Sometimes, this could also be caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS. With CTS, the nerve at the wrist gets pressed and thus obstructs the circulation of the blood. There are times when the tingling sensation is caused by a pinched nerve. With all these causes, however, the most common cause could be that the jewelry on the arm is too tight and it’s preventing the circulation of the blood to flow freely.

Some other causes could be serious like disorders relating to the spine or ruptured neck vertebrae or nerve damage or a pinched nerve, bulging disc. Sometimes even vascular problems may bring about this tingling sensation due to the interrupted circulation of fluids via the left arm.

Discuss these sensations with your doctor especially if recurrence is often. Not only is it exasperating to constantly deal with this but the discomfort and, yes, it could be painful dealing with this. A few things to do when the tingling sensation occurs, the best way to get rid of the sensation is to clench and unclench your arm or shaking and/or bending your arm a few times. These “exercises” would return the normal blood flow through your arm.

This symptom may very well be nothing but do not take it for granted. During your next doctor’s visit, be sure to discuss this with him. If the symptoms occur often, keep a diary and write down when and how it occurred, what you were doing so when the doctor asks you, you’ll be armed with an answer (no pun intended). The doctor may order some tests like an MRI, ECG, CAT scan – doing these tests will help diagnose the cause of the left arm tingling sensation.

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