Prickly heat rash

This prickly heat rash is usually said to be painful as well as irritating. Prickly heat rash is also simply known as prickly heat.

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This rash is caused when large chunks of sweat gets collected and accumulates in our skin as small red bumps and usually swells up. Large amount of irritation is caused by these red bumps and they are often painful when scratched. These rashes are usually found on the backs or the underarms or on the chest and sometimes on the waist area. There is no age limit for this prickly heat rash to affect anyone. It can attack even children since the sweat in their body does not dry easily. However, the only silver ray of hope is that it does not cause any other skin disease.
A prickly heat rash usually thrives well in hot weather conditions. The severity of the attack may vary and it may last between 4-5 days to 3-4 months. The root cause of prickly heat is the collection of sweat in places where it cannot dry easily. This collected sweat results in red bumps and may lead to severe itching.

  • Do’s and dont’s for prickly heat rashes

Although there are several reasons for prickly heat rashes, the chief reasons for it are excessive consuming of alcohol or smoking or unhealthy food style. Too much consuming of junk food and untimely eating of food can also lead to the development of prickly heat rash. Side effects of certain medicines also cause prickly heat rash.

  • Symptoms of prickly heat rash

The chief symptom of prickly heat rash is the presence of tiny red bulges over the chest and backs. Severe itching and pain in the affected area are also symptoms of prickly heat rash.

  • Home remedies

Some of the home remedies are:-

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal powder is a healthy home remedy for prickly heat rash. Add a spoon of it in a tub of water and take bath in it. It is sure to release pain and irritation.

  • Talcum powder and ointments

By applying talcum powder after bath, we can reduce the effect of prickly heat rash. By repeating this process for 4-5 times a day, we can reduce the rashes on our body. The idea here is to keep the body dry and free from sweat. Ointments are also available which helps to heal the affected skin.

  • Ice cubes

Ice cubes are regarded as one of the best ways to cure prickly heat rashes. Rub the ice cube on the affected skin and the red bulges will break.

  • Sandalwood powder

Another natural home- made therapy for curing prickly heat rash is sandalwood powder. Take rose water and add 2-3 spoons of sandalwood powder. Apply it gently on the affected skin area. Allow it to dry. Wash it with cold water. This will give quick relief.

  • Wet sponge

Take cotton or sponge and soak it gently in cold water. Keep it slowly and smoothly on the affected area so that the red bulge starts to feel cool. Do this for 3-4 times a day. This gives quick relief.
Thus, the prickly heat rash has been explained clearly.

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