Proper Care for Strawberry Plants

Many persons would like to know the proper care for strawberry plants. The best way to address the subject is to start from the beginning and provide helpful insight as to what is involved in growing strawberries.

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The best way to start growing the fruit is by way of transplantation. It is suggested you find strawberry plants that have a good history as to plant evolution. The strawberry is not a fruit. In fact it may surprise you to know that the plant actually originates from the flora family of the rose.

A good many growers view the berry itself as unique because unlike other fruits that maintain their seeds on the inside, the strawberry provides seeds on the exterior.

Before addressing proper care for strawberry plants it may be useful for you to know there are variants of the strawberry plant. In the southern part of the United States species include Dover, Toga, and Douglas. The northern part of the country grows other varieties of the strawberry plant including the Delmarvel and Allstar. The plants associated with the north are resistive to plant diseases. If you have a small area in which to plant strawberries you will want to choose a variant that can yield fruit frequently.

The third part of the proper care associated with strawberry plants is dependent on the part of the United States in which you live. Generally speaking areas where certain plants best flourish are considered zones. Also the best time of year as to planting strawberries comes into play by way of a planting schedule. There are certain variants of the strawberry plant that can survive an early frost. However that said the frost cannot be too severe otherwise the plant will be ruined. Again proper determination as to when to plant the strawberry plant within your area of the country can be made by determining your zone and planting according to the months outlined within the zone.

Now that you are aware the plant comes in many varieties and planted dependent on which location you reside more can be said as to the proper care for the strawberry plants. One area as to the fruit plant’s care that will need to be addressed is how to properly fertilize the strawberry plant. You will need to mix two and one-half pounds of six-six-six Fertilizer for each one hundred square feet of space. This is a general instruction and if you have purchased a specific fertilizer then it is best to refer to your label instructions. However that said strawberries will flourish all the more if the proper fertilizer is added to the soil.

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