Pros and cons of the jenny Craig diet

Jenny Craig is a weight loss program that is of mass fame once it was introduced by jenny Craig in the year 1983 in Australia. Jenny Craig diet is running successfully for the past 25 years.

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Hence, people are sure that this diet has something to offer since it has been running well for such a long time. However, there are several pros and cons of the jenny Craig diet program. Even though there are also cons, still the jenny Craig diet is popular due to the pros and cons of jenny Craig diet.

Let us now discuss each of the pros and cons of the jenny Craig diet in detail.


The prepackaged food is very tasty and we need not spend time counting the calories in it. If we eat the food as per the plans that is prescribed, then it is a huge likely that we will lose fat soon. Everything comes with a proper plan. Hence, we need not spend time planning how to consume the food. Following the diet is very easy and once you have ordered the diet program, it is delivered directly to your doorstep. Another important thing is that we need not spend precious time cooking the food. Food can be cooked by just keeping them in an oven and pushing the buttons as per the instructions. People who have experienced the jenny Craig diet claim that the food is very delicious. Free toll free helpline is also there. Whatever doubts or queries you have regarding the diet program, all you got to do is to make a call and all your queries would be answered immediately. The best part of the plan is that it does not involve skipping any particular meal or keeps you starved. Jenny Craig diet offers a chance for social networking where one customer can interact with another. The meals available in this diet are well balanced and are considered to be very healthy. Most of the foods are of low fat, low sodium and low cholesterol.


There are some chances that the consumer may not like the food. Even though there are reports that the food is extremely delicious, still the taste depends upon each and every individual. Another issue is that most of the foods in this diet are frozen food. If the freezer is not large enough to accommodate all the food items, then it poses a small problem. Another petty issue is that if you are happening to cook food for a family, then you may end up cooking a separate meal for yourself and a separate meal for your family. Also the diet may be hard to follow when we are travelling because it becomes a headache to freeze it wherever we go. Since it is a weight loss program, it becomes hard to go back to your routine eating once you lose weight.

We have discussed some of the pros and cons of the jenny Craig diet. Considering all of them, jenny Craig diet is still considered to be the best.

Thus, the pros and cons of the jenny Craig diet have been discussed and the overall vote is that it is a good diet plan.

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