Qantas Airlines

Qantas Airways Limited is the head of Qantas Airlines (also called Qantas Airways), and represents the national airline of Australia. “Qantas” is an acronym for “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services”, which basically describes the services offered at Qantas Airlines.

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Heardquarted in Syndey Airport, the Qantas Airlines is nicknamed “The Red Kangaroo” Airlines due to the Qantas Airlines symbol of a kangaroo against a red background. British airline consultants Skytrax is quoted as naming Qantas Airlines as the 7th best in the world, quite a bold claim indeed. The Qantas Airlines were established in 1920 as a 2-passenger operation at first, yet gradually built up a hangar full of large passenger planes as their business expanded in later years. Most famously, Qantas Airlines is known for the claim of being the only crash-free passenger line in the world thanks to Dustin Hoffman’s title character in “Rain Man.” Qantas airways is a national airline of the Australia. Airline name originally spelt as the QANTAS, acronym for the Queensland & Northern Territory Services.

The airline is Australia’s biggest airline & worlds second oldest operating airline. The Qantas Airlines has the headquarters in Mascot and research consultancy firm also name Skytrax voted the Qantas Airline as 6th best airline in world. This airline was founded in the Queensland on 1920 by McGuiness Paul, Fergus McMaster & Hudson Fysh. Alexandra Kennedy was first to purchase the ticket & boards the first aircraft. Qantas build the own aircraft named de Havilland DH.50 & DH.9 right in the hangar.

On 1959, Qantas airways then flew the first jet from Sydney – San Francisco. In same year, the Qantas became first airline for flying the jets all over the Atlantic. In 1960s, the air travel grew & demand increased and thus Qantas determined to order the larger Boeing 707 to 338C series of the aircrafts. It had plans for ordering Concorde Airliner however an idea didn’t push through. At 1967 airline ordered Boeing 747 that can seat around 350 passengers. And this boosted airline’s profits & it determined to order 4 more other aircrafts that were delivered at 1971. And in 1967, the Qantas Empire Airways then decided to change the name to the Qantas Airways that is present name.

Australian government sold the domestic carrier that was the Australian Airlines, to Qantas. And this gave the Qantas access to national domestic market, and something it was not a case before. Airbus A300s & Boeing 737s were then introduced to airline’s fleet though Airbuses didn’t last very long. Because of privatization in 1993, the Qantas is owned partly by British Airways & other international investors.

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