Remedies for leg edema

Edema is the swelling on the body due to an accumulation of fluid in the tissues. This mainly occurs on the lower extremities but mostly the feet and ankles.

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Although not a disease, the occurrence of an edema usually means there is an underlying cause

Some causes of edema could be: low protein level in the blood, liver disease, heart failure, anemia, starvation, malnutrition, thyroid problems, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, immobility, side effects from medications, kidney disease etc.

Although there are underlying causes for edema, there are home remedies for leg edema available. Please remember before doing anything to consult with your physician.

The most sensible home remedy for leg edema would be to watch your diet as in watching your salt intake. Too much salt retains fluids in our body. Get on the low-sodium diet and instead turn to foods rich in protein. Avoid foods that will increase the fluids in your body – at least for the moment when edema is present.

Another no-brainer home remedy for leg edema is exercise regularly. Physical activities that make you sweat could only mean that you are getting rid of excess fluid stored in your body.

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