Remedies for Tinnitus

Are there any remedies for tinnitus? If there are, I would like to know for I have been suffering from this non-stop cricket ringing in both my ears for so many years now! What started as a faint “ringing” in one ear has quickly spread to both ears and now I hear it all the time, even when I don’t hear it, I hear it! Luckily for some, the ringing comes and goes but mine is continuous and boy does it never stop!

There are 2 types of tinnitus: objective and subjective and my third type is ANNOYING!

The objective tinnitus is when the people around the patient suffering from tinnitus could hear the noise themselves (it could be both embarrassing and relief for the one suffering ‘cause then others would understand what it’s like then). The subjective tinnitus (most common) is heard only by the patient alone.

Remedies for tinnitus? Are you for real? I was told that getting aligned by a chiropractor would help rid whatever it is that is “clogged” in your head and makes the ringing sound.

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I went to the chiropractor and signed up, cost me a good $2,800. The first treatment, I left the office and thought “Wow! the ringing is in the back of my head and is not as loud”. I had hope and went back for more to rid of the ringing – this being my primary objective and have discussed with the chiropractor. Alas, after so many alignments I have not experienced the tinnitus get any better and, even better, it did not get worst. However chiropractors have said going for alignments help remedy tinnitus.

Perhaps the best remedies for tinnitus I could think of would be to kill that cicada stuck between my ears! Or better yet, I heard about this treatment on the radio, something about a system that you could use to drown away the humming sound. I thought it was fantastic news! Finally, remedies for tinnitus! I called the number and they told me it would cost more than $5,000 for 1 apparatus. In today’s economy, let me deal with this cicada for a little bit longer.

I’ve searched the internet and am even willing to be a guinea pig just to find remedies for tinnitus. Is there an experimental surgery out there? Use me, use me, please! I’ve even written to that doctor on CNN whom I like and got no response from him.

I have googled and consulted with my physician and spoken to other “experts” in the field. Not only do I suffer from tinnitus but apparently, the tinnitus and my sense of balance, or lack thereof, go hand in hand. I was told that I could probably go for therapy for my balance but my ears? It has been suggested that I go and get a machine that would create white noise so it would drown the ringing in my ears. Great. Now not only do I have to deal with cicada’s , or cricket’s , non-stop singing in my ears, I have to deal with white noise too.

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