Remedy for a fat lip

Fat lip is caused by damaged tissue due to trauma, insect bites and piercing. Not only is this painful but is also embarrassing.

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Nothing could really rid, cure or remedy for a fat lip except for time however some things could help it along.

Before treating anything be sure that you know the extent of the damage. If the tissue is damaged severely, perhaps by a cut either due to a fall or a blow to the mouth, stitches may be needed. If the damage is not as bad, cold compress or ice cubes in a bag or wrapped in a towel and pressed gently to the lip could help lessen the swelling not to mention it would numb the area and therefore reduce the pain or stinging.

Be aware and don’t leave the icepack too long for this could also lead to further injury to the lip. Cold compresses could be applied to remedy the fat lip for as long as 3 days, if the still exists, every 10 – 15 minutes alternating.

Medical ointments could also be used to remedy for a fat lip – treat any small cuts on the lips such as Blistex or Chaplips or Carmex. Some medicated ointments like Neosporin or the likes could also be used. The use of petroleum jelly or Vaseline will help keep infections out by sealing the cut.

Some turn to natural remedies or homeopathic remedies to remedy for a fat lip as in tea tree oil and aloe vera. These are natural healers and could even help lessen the scarring. Amica oil is said to do wonders to be remedy for a fat lips. The use of Vitamin E oil (natural healing oil) or honey with either butter or with castor oil is said to have natural healing wonders too. Peppermint or lavender oils mixed with vegetable oils as in coconut or olive oil could not only help heal any cuts but reduce the swelling as well. Tumeric powder with glycerin could also be used.

If you have cuts inside the lips try using warm water with salt. The salt will sting the cut but the outcome is worth it the little bit of stinging.

If the fat lip is due to a bug bite, be sure that there is no stinger left on your skin. Try to determine what bug bit you. If a bee stings you and you are allergic to bee stings, call your physician right away. The use of allergy medicine/s could also be used to help reduce the swelling or any signs of allergy. There are also anti-allergy topical ointments which you could use on the bug bite area. Applying cold compresses could help control the swelling as well.

Once again, keep in mind that there is no fast and magical remedy for a fat lip. All those mentioned above are ways to help lessen the swelling and the discomfort but for the most part, only time and patience could completely cure and could be the best remedy for a fat lip.

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