Rid of hangover headache

Almost everyone I know has suffered from a hangover headache. When you’ve had one too many to drink chances are you’ll get that headache the next day.

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Here are some remedies to get rid of hangover headache.

When they say take an Aspirin, they mean take it regardless if it works or not at that point, Aspirin is your best bet as far as pain reliever. Stay away from acetaminophen. Alcohol and acetaminophen don’t do well together and may do some damage to your liver. However, if you have a history of ulcer or stomach bleeding then it’s best to consult with your doctor before you take any pain relievers.

More remedies to get rid of hangover headaches would be to drink caffeine. This works by pressing on the vessels in the head and neck that causes the headache. So, have a cup of Joe when you get out of bed, eat breakfast and enjoy another cup. Drink it slowly and savor the taste of coffee. Don’t drink too much as you might end up feeling jittery and jumpy.

Alcohol lowers the level of Vitamin B in the body so supplementing your body with Vitamin B may help get rid of that hangover headache.

One of the most used home remedies to get rid of hangover headaches s is drinking fruit juice. The juice helps the body deal with the alcohol faster. Plus, anything with fructose, such as honey, is another great home remedy to get rid of hangover headaches.

Hydrate yourself with water. When you get out of bed and you feel so thirsty, go ahead and grab a glass of water but drink it slowly. Drinking it fast could bother your stomach and cause you to vomit. Go slow when you drink.

Try taking a natural remedy for the pain as in taking willow bark. You can find willow bark in the form of capsule from a natural food store. And if you have a queasy stomach, try ginger.

If you’re hungry, eat something that is high in protein and carbs. Avoid fatty, greasy and fried food. The grease may not settle well in your stomach and cause you to vomit.

What about taking an aspirin and crawling back to bed to sleep off that headache? Although this may not get rid of the headache, sleeping will make you unaware of the headache and hopefully by the time you do get up that headache would have gone away.

The best thing to do is, during the party make sure you have food in your stomach. If you are feeling thirsty, grab a glass of water instead of trying to quench that thirst with more alcohol. Remember that alcohol dehydrates you and that the headache could mean you are dehydrated. And, during the party, go easy on the alcohol. Enjoy the company, enjoy the moment with your friends and/or family and drink that alcohol slowly. Not only will you remember the party but you’ll most likely wake up the next day free and clear of any headache and body pain.

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