Royal Caribbean cruise review

Before you decide to embark on a voyage to your favorite islands, just take some time out to read the Royal Caribbean cruise review. This is because having a glance at the Royal Caribbean cruise review can prove to be very useful.

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There are several cruises that are available. Choosing the right one is a right thing to do because there are several pros and cons in every cruise that you can find in this part of the world. Here goes the Royal Caribbean cruise review.

Navigator of the seas

This is a top class cruise which is of international standards. It has everything that a cruise liner is supposed to have. The Navigator sails for seven nights in the Port of Miami. The size and shape of the ship can make your jaws drop as they are built by perfect engineers. The lunch is also of good quality and keeps everyone in good knowledge. Each room is equipped with a shampoo, hair dryer and 2 bars of soaps. Some of the food items like the filet mignon are very good whereas others like the ranch steak were awful. There are also a number of ice shows and other such shows for the entertainment purpose. Overall, this cruise will get an average 6 out of 10.

Brilliance of the seas

Next come this cruise. As its name suggests, it is indeed a brilliance of the high seas. On first look, the cruise liner will confirm the justice to its name. The cruise liner is completely white in color from the exterior and it is a cruise liner which is reendowed for its hospitality. Everyone can feel right at home in this cruise liner. The food is of excellent quality. This cruise liner offers about 6 nights around the Caribbean islands. The cabins and the rooms are of superb quality and each room is well furnished with a set of sofas and chairs. The murder mystery dinner is a star attraction in this liner. This ship would get 7 out of 10.

Explorer of the seas

This cruise liner is one of the biggest cruise liners with a large passenger capacity and it guarantees fun and entertainment for everyone who boards the ship. Rock climbing, ice skating and mini golf are some of the games that are offered here. This liner sails to the eastern and western side of Miami all the year round. The passenger capacity is around 3150. This cruise liner has been on the seas for about 2 years now. It is still going in full astern. Due to its excellent overall facilities, this ship gets 8 out of 10.

Voyager of the seas

This is not just like any other ship on the sea. In fact, this is a floating resort. Passengers have to keep themselves reminding that they were on a ship and not on a real resort. Basketball courts are also available. This ship would get 9 out of 10. No wonder this ship finds its way in the Royal Caribbean cruise review.

Thus, the Royal Caribbean cruise review has been discussed.

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