Russian search engines

These Russian search engines are playing very important role in daily life in Russia. These are also normal search engines but because of script these seem to be little bit different.

Ads by Google

As we come to new millennium, more and more industries are deciding to go along with building what is called sites on the World Wide Web. Commonly it is called as web site.

Simply building the web site will not convey anybody to the web site. To find people to visit a web site some processes have to be used to sponsor the web site. So many ways are there to promote a web sites, one is Search Engine optimization – SEO method Russian SEO.

One very common and successful way to convey visitors to a website is to send one email or usually called as electronic mail. This is very easy method in general. It normally comprises of sending out emails at casual or planned if you have the time. The emails must contain small paragraph telling a little about your designed website and what it has to present to those who browse your website.

Keep in mind that with this technique it is intelligent to not be too verbose otherwise this procedure can expand to very time taking and frustrating to the receiver and the sender of the email. However it is possible to email over 10,000 emails in just within an hour. This procedure can only be made if everything has been thought out carefully and ready before the procedure has even started. Another possible benefit to this method is that the receiver of the email may benefit from the website and forward the message to his friends about your website. This became extra advantage for Russian search engines.

Then how to submit your developed website to the top Russian search engines?
In Russia Yandex is the top search engine Google is in third place and Google is after the two Russian script websites that control almost 75% of that search engine market.

Step 1: Russian content for webpage

Putting your website to the top Russian search engines needs that your website must have minimum one page in Russian script. The good way to this is to make a innovative page or blog post that is conversion of your website explanations or of the different services that you provide through that website. How to do this task?

Go for Google English to Russian conversion page. There you can get this page by restoring the ‘WWW’ with ‘interpret’ in the Google website URL address on the top of your computer screen. Choose English to Russian, paste in your content and press enter key.

Step 2: How to put your website to Yandex search engine?

To present your Russian script page to the Yandex webmaster tool:

Browse and paste in your website URL on the line noticeable (URL) and use “captcha” script to enter and this is to prove you are a person.

Go for Google Russian to English conversion page if you get any information in Russian language. If you feel several fault information do not give up. Systematically effort through the mails using the conversion tool before and after and you will find your website page listed on one of the top Russian search engines that is Yandex.

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