Sample C program

C is a programming language like Pascal and Fortran. Here the values are stored in variables.

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The program is structured here by calling and defining functions. Sample C program allow precise control of out put and input. It also allows programmer to create the programs which are impossible to understand.

Sample C programs are very easy to read and understand for those who know use of pointer. C is a very user friendly and useful language. This sample C program only deals with some easy application of pointer. Most C program is in lower case letters. In preprocessor definition you will find mostly upper case letters. C can differentiate between one upper case and lower case latter.

These sample C programs are very easy to learn. You can learn it itself by following some books available in the stores or you can also get the tutorial in your computer if you want. In the internet you can get a large collection of the tutorial which you can refer and study them and understand what is written in that. If you know this it can be useful for you to get a job. Now many IT companies are working in C platform. You can get an opportunity to work in those fields.

In C programming language you can get many dialects like other programming languages. Here different support and compilers are a bit different. There are many different compiler exist here. The usually used compiler in sample C program is GNU compiler. If you study compiler listing, you will be clear about this. To avoid some compatibility you must ensure that if you are writing program in C then the compiler should be a C compiler and not any other languageā€™s compiler.

Every compiler is slightly different from other compiler. So you can get difficulty in the compatibility if you use a wrong one to compile your sample C program.
If you want a compiler for you, must go for a simple compiler which is sufficient for the use.

Every sample C program begins with main in that you have to write your program and closed with C. For standard function you need to include # in your program.
So it is not so difficult to study and understand a sample C program. You can be a C professional if you seriously refer to the tutorial by many good professional in C.

In doing internet search you can be able to know many facts and figures of C and that will be free of cost and without going outside from your home. Down load that PDF and read to know more and more about C programs. There are many sites if you register in that they will provide you update in C language and this all you can get free of cost. If you are an engineering or MCA student this will help you a lot in your studies. So just grab this oppertunity to become a C programmer.

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