San Diego zoo discounts coupons

San Diego is a wonderful city for holiday vocation, but it is not economical vocation. Here are the some steps to get San Diego zoo discount coupons that give you all year plan to make plans on trips and save some money while getting pleasure from gorgeous San Diego.

Step 1:

For San Diego zoo discount coupons, visit website

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This website is committed to boosting the tourism industry in California.

Step 2:

In website on blue navigation bar, to the extreme right, click on ‘deals’.

This website will take you to another web page where you can find pictures of many tourists’ attractions and different restaurant accommodations. Here simply download the coupons by clicking ‘download coupon’ button.

Step 3

Next you will find ‘fun spots’ page where California is broken down into different regions. Next click on ‘San Diego’ country.

Step 4:

You can see other attractions in this place that can be of interest, but for San Diego zoo discount coupons, just scroll down the web page little bit.

When you will get ‘San Diego Zoo’ option there will be a small paragraph about the zoo and animals, then an alternative to cash San Diego Zoo discount coupons. After this click on download coupon option, please here note that there are two main zoos in San Diego country, those are San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park, these two are not related to each other but their names are same, so make certain that you are selecting the proper coupon for print.

Step 5:

In website you will get a new page with a PDF file of the entry coupon for rate $8 off the good value ticket for San Diego zoo.

Your huge discount to the San Diego zoo for tickets and coupons come in October month. Children are free I the month of October as long as they accompanied by a senior citizen. Every first Monday of October everybody get in for free but you need to avoid the throngs for any other day in month of October. Other way to get San Diego zoo discount coupons is to purchase a southern California city pass, using this pass you can easily get entry into the zoo, sea world, Disney Park and world famous universal studio. If you are planning to do all those magnetisms, this ticket is helpful according to its cost. The cost of this ticket is $235 only. Obviously being a member in this Zoo means you can easily get into zoo for free round at any time. One final option is to make sure about websites related to this zoo, because these website update their latest discounts and coupons obtainable in this zoo.

San Diego zoo discount coupons are easily available in following way also.

Zoo membership: A one year San Diego zoo membership is best way to get San Diego zoo discount coupons. The cost of this ticket is same as full price ticket to the zoo and wild Animal Park.
AAA membership: here you will get 10% off on zoo tickets and on other things.
Senior membership: if you are more than 60 age year old then you will get 10% off on zoo coupons but this discount is not available for online coupon purchase.
Military personnel: bring your military identity card along with you and get free best price coupon.

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