San Diego zoo discounts

Before having a deep in look at the San Diego zoo discounts, we will first see as to what exactly is the San Diego zoo. The San Diego zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world.

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It has its branches in San Diego, San Andreas and Philadelphia. It is very famous and thousands of people visit this zoo daily. Some of the famous items available here are the white tigers, African elephants and the polar bears. Another star attraction here is the lions. In the lion encounter, the guests are carried through a submerged acrylic tube into the lions’ tank. From inside the tube, the guests can witness the activities of the lions and the cubs from closed enclosures. Another attractions here is the wild arctic in which we can observe a simulation of an helicopter to the arctic region where we can view polar bears and other mammals living in that part of the world. San Diego zoo has made several contributions to the wildlife conservation in America. The cost of a single ticket costs a lot and not many can easily afford it. Hence, the San Diego zoo discounts come into the frame of things.

It is a good thing that San Diego has managed to address the plea of the people who visit this place regularly and come up with lots of different schemes for San Diego zoo discounts.

Some of the schemes available here are discussed below as the universal San Diego zoo discounts.

First, it is the turn of the zoo in San Diego. The normal rate for an adult may range anywhere in the proximity of 63 $. This is considered to be a little expensive. If you are an adult and you manage to get hold of any discount ticket, then the 61 $ would be slashed to around 52.85 $. So this is considered to be a 11 $ decrease in the original rate. As per this scheme, we are able to save around 15 % of the original rate of the tickets. In the same zoo, the cost of a ticket for a child may be around 51 $. A discount ticket for the child would bring the rate to about 40.35 $. So, the same 15 % of the discount can be achieved in this ticket.

Coming to the zoo in Philadelphia, the normal rate of an adult may be around 61.95 $. This is considered to be much more than the rates in San Diego. If the adult is happening to get hold of a zoo discounts, then the ticket rates may be slashed to around 55.45 $. This is considered to be a 15 % slash of discount. For a child the normal ticket rate would be 57.95 and the discount ticket may fetch only 50.45 $ and again this is a 15 % discount offer.

Last it is the zoo in San Andreas. For an adult, it is 42.50 $ and the discount ticket would lower to 31 $. So we are able to save 11.50 $. For a child, without discount it is 36.99 $ and the discount rate is 31.15 $.

Thus, the San Diego zoo discounts have been discussed.

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