Sandals all inclusive

Sandals all inclusive resorts are mainly meant for couples. If you are married and if you want to go for a honeymoon, then the sandals all inclusive resorts are the best places to do so.

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If you want to go for a perfect honeymoon, then this is the place to do so. Sandals all inclusive international resorts specializes with romance for couples only. You cannot find any family booked here in these resorts.

These resorts are found in the Caribbean basin. There are several kinds of sandals all inclusive resorts in these parts of the world. You can find seven inclusive couples only resorts in the state of Jamaica. If you travel to the place of St. Lucia, you can find three such resorts that are meant only for the sake of couples who want a romantic time.

There is only 1 such resort in Antigua, Bahamas and Nassau. The best part of these resorts is that they are directly located on the side of the beaches. So, it will not take long for you and your partner to take a romantic walk by the shores and to exchange sweet nothings into each others’ ears. What about the accommodations? It has to be noted that all the sandals all inclusive resorts offer only 1 bedroom. This is because only couples are going to get into these resorts and so there is no need for 2 bedroom suites. Depending on the situation and booking, the accommodations can range anywhere between a standard suite to a luxurious beach side villa. Another good thing about these resorts is that all the guest rooms feature a king size bed. The rooms are armed with television sets, a telephone and these resorts offer world class room service which is considered to be the best in these parts of the world.

Another thing is that the meals, beverages, hotel amenities, land and water sports and wedding and honeymoon packages are all included as part of the room rate in this resort. Another thing to note for is that there are some good services which are not recorded as part of your bill. Some of these things may include a body massage. If you are going for a body massage, then you need to pay directly and you cannot be in a position to record those rates in your room bill which you can pay when you are leaving the resort. Special wine packages are also not included in the bill. Outside excursion also come with a separate bill and you cannot expect those rates to be added in your bill.

The cost of the sandals all inclusive resorts may differ depending upon the time of the year and the location. If you are coming during special offer periods, then you may get small concessions in the rate. Suppose you are coming at a time when no one hardly visits the place, you may end up paying around 180 $ to 220 $ per person and per day.

Thus, the sandals all inclusive resorts have been explained.

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