Savings Bond Calculator

A savings bond calculator will determine the amount of money earned on a savings bond after a set amount of time. In order to use a savings bond calculator, simply plug in the amount in bonds purchased, coupled with the interest rate that is being paid on the bond, then the amount of time you wish to wait before cashing in on the bond.

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The savings bond calculator works with the formula (under ideal conditions, i.e. that the interest rates do not change drastically between now and the time when the bond is paid out) to give you a rough estimate of how much to expect after a certain amount of time has passed. These savings bond calculators are useful for those who have a lot of assets tied to stocks and bonds, and want to begin mapping out their financial plans for a few years down the road. As savings bonds are great investments into the future (since they earn profit on top of the principal amount bought in bonds the buyer waits a significant amount of time for them to accrue) a lot of people use savings bond calculators in order to determine how much money the will need to put into savings bonds for retirement purposes.

Saving Bonds have not been very simple to buy, manage, as well as redeem they are at present with internet. Everything is done with the click of mouse from comfort of your home. You may search internet for all information that you require about the bonds. Also, there are the calculators to use to find what are your bonds earning. There are many things that you may do on internet for doing with bonds. There are various kinds of the bonds that you can purchase. One of them are Series I Savings Bonds and these bonds are of low risk. They earn some interest whereas giving you the protection from inflation. Savings Bonds are all sold to you at the face value, thus in case, you buy one for around $100, then they are all worth $100.

Maximum amount you might buy in calender year is around $5000 and in case, you cash the bonds in before 5 years there is the penalty of last 3 months of the interest. Example of this, in case, you purchase the bond & cash it in around 36 month later and then you may just get around 33 month of the interest and original investment. They will not get cashed in prior to they are a year old except in some circumstances. There is not any penalty after 5 years to cash them. One tip to do as at times while you cash them at bank they don’t calculate an amount that you are getting correct, and find beforehand what are they worth.

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