Separation anxiety in dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs can often be quite destructive in the case of pet dogs. When the owner leaves the dog or is not living close nearby, then separation anxiety occurs in almost all dogs.

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Behaviors such as digging, destroying objects or depression are clearly evident when the pet dog is under separation anxiety. In some cases, these abnormal behaviors can also exist in the pet dog due to change in environment or any other factor. Hence, it is necessary for the vet to go throughout the full history of the dog before terming its behavior due to separation anxiety.

  • General symptoms

Pets are known to become highly destructive when experiencing separation anxiety. They break nearby objects due to depression. Some dogs are known to urinate in the house in the absence of their owner. Separation anxiety usually occurs during the first few minutes after the departure of the owner. The pet dog may try to follow the owner. When it is stopped, it starts to whine and wanders about the house in a restless manner. When the owner returns back home, these dogs will behave in a very excited manner and some dogs often jump on top of their owners when they reach home.

  • Diagnostics

There can be other reasons for a pet dog to behave in the fashion as describe above. Hence, it is necessary for the owner or the vet to complete study the history of the animal before coming to any conclusion. If it is separation anxiety, then the dog has to be kept away from its owner for a short amount of time so that it eventually gets used to living without its owner.

  • Treatment

Separation anxiety occurs in dogs mainly due to fear. Therefore, it is necessary to cajole the dog and ensure the animal that they are safe in the absence of their owner and also instilling faith in it that his owner will return home soon. Another method is to have a ‘dogsitter’ like a babysitter. The dog will get used to that new person soon and it will stop missing its owner when he is away on work.

  • Living and management

When a dog is facing separation anxiety, it is necessary for the owner to be consistent in giving proper medication to it. The owner should not neglect the animal in its hour of need else the animal will never recover from separation anxiety. If separation anxiety is identified soon, it can be easily cured. If it is left too late, then the dog will become like a savage in the absence of its owner and cause further destruction. When a dog is cured from separate anxiety, it is found to be more carefree, enthusiastic, less depressed and less tensed normally. The most important thing to note is that the owner is not supposed to hug the dog and kiss it or cajole it while leaving for work as it would only increase the anxiety levels in the dog when the owner leaves the house. Proper attitude must be followed under the advice of a good vet. Thus, the separation anxiety in dogs has been broadly discussed.

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