Side effects of prescription drugs

Prescription drugs are given to patients with the goal in mind being the well being of the patient. The drugs are given to treat a specific ailment or symptom.

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Before taking any medication be sure to discuss the effects and side effects of the prescription drugs to determine if it is for you.

Side effects of prescription drugs could be mild, quick and momentarily or perhaps something that your body has to adjust to or, it could be something that could be of permanent damage to you, leave you paralyzed, as in, immobilized while on that specific medication. The side effects of prescription drugs could be anything from upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea. If these are the side effects, speak to your doctor and determine if you should continue taking the medication or stop right away.

Another side effects of prescription drugs could be more dangerous as in causing hemorrhage especially from anti-coagulants which is why it is important to discuss the medication with your doctor before taking them.

Discuss with your physician, ahead of time and ask about possible side effects of prescription drugs. Plus, ask your doctor about starting you on a lower dose before to find out how you would react, if any at all, from that medication and slowly increase the dosage if need be.

If you have any side effects from prescription drugs call your doctor right away. Your doctor may prescribe a different medication or may tell you to stay on the original medication prescribed – depending on the severity of the side effect. So long as the side effects are temporary everything should be okay.

Changing your lifestyle may limit your side effects.

In as much as prescription drugs may give you side effects it does not mean that over the counter drugs have no side effects at all. Each and every drug can give us side effects from itchiness to upset stomach or light headedness, exhaustion or lack of energy or the inability to focus – just to mention a few. It is important to discuss what your problems are and to ask the doctor about what medication to take before doing so.

The side effects of prescription drugs, and non-prescription drugs, very and is dependent on the person as we all have different reactions to different drugs. Also, keep in mind, as we age our reaction to drugs could change too. Plus, know what drugs you are allergic to or you have a bad reaction from. Knowing these medications could help your doctor chose and avoid certain drugs for you to take. Should you have a serious reaction or side effect, seek medical attention right away.

Be prepared and know about your illness or ask questions to your doctor. Ask about the medications available to treat your illness, if you are not sure or are hesitant in taking a medication, let your doctor know and tell him of your concerns. If having even a simple side effect scares you or worries you, let your doctor know and look for an alternative.

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