Side effects of smoking weed

There are several side effects of smoking weeds. Let us see them one by one below:-


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Memory loss

This is one of the important side effects of smoking weed. In this, the person will have a trouble in remembering things. The brain is affected. Once the brain is affected, the memory power slowly starts to decrease day by day and the person’s memory power and remembering power is eventually decreased. The only way to overcome this symptom is to avoid smoking weed in the first place.

2. Sleepiness

Another common side effect of smoking weed is the presence of sleepiness. The brain becomes contaminated and so the brain does not have the willingness to work. The brain becomes sluggish. Due to the absence of the work done by the brain, the body becomes weak and slow. Hence, the person is always in a state of sleepiness.

3. Dry mouth

The presence of a dry mouth is a very prevalent side effect of smoking weed. Due to excessive smoking, the mouth is dry. This happens generally because the salivary glands do not function properly in producing saliva in the mouth. When the salivary glands do not function properly, then enough saliva to keep the mouth wet is not produced and so the mouth is always in a dry state.

4. Headache

As in all the other diseases, headache is a common side effect. Sometimes, headaches can become so severe that it will cause acute pain in the part above the eyes and also in the forehead. Even though it is enough to consume a pill and take rest, it is often advised to visit a doctor during these times just to get proper health attention.

5. Heart rate

Due to smoking weed, we can observe these kinds of side effects. The heart rate will go up rapidly at times and also it will become very slow at other instances. Smoking weed is bound to cause lots of side effects especially in the heart and also in the chest region. Majority of heart diseases are suffered by persons who smoke weed.

6. Increased food consumption

This is a major side effect of smoking weed. Since the mouth becomes dry and also the blood flow is not normal, the body will have an urgency and desire to consume more food to make up for the loss. Hence, the appetite is bound to increase.

7. Varying body temperature

This contributes to the side effects of smoking weed. The body temperature is found to be different even though the patient may not experience any fever or headache. But, the temperature of the body may be high or low depending upon the person.

8. Weak muscle strength

Weak muscle strength is a side effect of smoking weed. In this, the power or strength of the muscle becomes too weak and the patient feels pain the arms when carrying a relatively less load. Pain is also experienced in the thighs when the patient runs for a small distance.

Thus, the side effects of smoking weed have been discussed.

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