Signs of being pregnant

The most common signs of being pregnant is when a woman misses or skips a menstrual cycle or period. Often when this happens, a woman quickly goes to the drug store and gets a pregnancy test.

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However, what about those women whose periods are irregular? Most of the common signs of being pregnant, although common, are not the same for ALL women. What are the other signs of pregnancy? There are so many of them but let’s tackle the most common symptoms.

Some women feel very, very tired and have an overwhelming feeling of fatigue to a point where they could barely keep their heads up at all or could hardly keep their eyes open. This usually happens during the first few weeks of pregnancy. That said, again, his does not happen with each pregnancy especially to women who’s had more than one pregnancy.

Another common signs of being pregnant is “morning sickness”. Although termed as “morning” the sickness, different for every woman, could last either only in the morning (thus, the term) but commonly the sickness lasts all day. This could be on-going for the first trimester of the pregnancy. The nausea and vomiting should subside in 12 to 16 weeks. Some women are unfortunate enough to go through this during the whole pregnancy. Severe cases where the woman starts to lose weight would require hospitalization.

Irregular menstrual period is something that usually throws women off. Women who do not have their menstrual period monthly may not be aware they are pregnant for missing a month is not unusual at all. Usually, it takes more than a month’s “skip” of the period before a woman becomes suspicious that they may be pregnant. Or, perhaps they have skipped a month and the following month they would have their period but it would be light. For women with irregular menstrual periods, this is not a symptom they usually go by. Don’t fret, however, there are still a number of signs of being pregnant and symptoms one could feel when they are pregnant.

Enlargement or soreness of the breast is another symptom. The breast would be so sore, for some women, that even wearing a bra could cause pain. However, again, this is something that is not unusual for other women experience this soreness of the breast before they have their period. However, in pregnant women, the soreness and the growing of the breast usually happen during the first trimester. But keep in mind, as the breasts grow it will eventually stop growing, soon enough your belly will grow too.

Lack of appetite or sensitivity towards food that would normally not bother you is yet another signs of being pregnant. It is said that the senses are heightened during pregnancy and the sense of smell is definitely one of them. Because of the heightened smell senses the usual smell of food we are used to is heightened and thus it could make a pregnant woman feel nauseous.

It is very rare for women not to have any signs of being pregnant at all. Keep in mind that home pregnancy tests have a tendency to show “false negative” results and the best way to confirm if you are pregnant is to go to your doctor for a blood test or an in-office pregnancy test. Tests made earlier in the pregnancy may also show negative results.

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