Signs of kidney failure

The thing to know in the case of kidney failure is that many people live out their lives without knowing that they have kidney failure. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the starting stage of kidney failure and sometimes CKD never reaches kidney failure.
There are 10 important signs to watch out for in the case of a kidney failure.

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Let us review them one by one on an orderly basis:-

  • Sign 1: Changes in urination

Kidneys are responsible for urine. So when kidneys fail, then urine flow also fails. Let us see how :
Urine may come during night time.
Urine quantity may be larger than usual and it will be very thick.
Blood may be present in urine.
Pain may be experienced while urinating.

  • Sign 2: Swelling

When kidneys fail, they do not remove extra fluid in our body. These extra fluids accumulate in our body and causes swelling in the legs, arms, ankles and face. Some ankles can get so big that it won’t be even possible to wear the shoes.

  • Sign 3: Fatigue

Fatigue is an important sign of kidney failure. Kidneys are solely responsible for manufacturing a chemical substance called erythropoietin. This chemical substance is responsible for creating oxygen carrying cells. If kidneys fail, they would not manufacture this chemical and as a result of this, oxygen carrying cells also would not get created and so the muscles and brain gets tired very soon. This leads to a disease called anemia.

  • Sign 4: Itching

Another important sign of kidney failure is itching. The main work of the kidneys is to remove wastes from the blood. When the kidney fails, this function is not satisfied and so wastes are collected in the blood which leads to itching and development of skin rashes on the arms and chest.

  • Sign 5: Metallic taste in mouth

When wastes start to build up in the blood, there arises a condition called as uremia. This condition can make food to taste bad and the mouth starts to develop a bad odour. People who are affected start to hate meat and slowly weight loss occurs.

  • Sign 6: Nausea and vomiting

As mentioned above, when uremia develops, frequent vomiting sensation and nausea also develops slowly. This is a key sign of kidney failure.Sign 7: Shortness of breath

Kidney failure can lead to shortness of breath. It can occur due to 2 reasons:-
Extra fluid collected in the body can increase in the lungs.
Absence of oxygen carrying cells can leave the body starved of oxygen.

  • Sign 8: Cold and shivering

The presence of anemia can make the body feel cold even in a room which is reasonably hot. Shivering or trembling is usually accompanied with cold.

  • Sign 9: Light headedness

When kidney fails, then oxygen carrying cells are not produced in necessary quantities. Hence, the brain is deprived of oxygen. So, dizziness or light headedness occurs.

  • Sign 10: Leg pain

People with kidney problems can experience pain around the neck since the oxygen carrying cells are not produced and the leg is not strong enough to bear the weight of the entire body.
Thus, the important signs of kidney failure have been discussed in detail.

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