South beach diet phase 1 recipe

Planning what to eat on the South beach diet phase 1 recipe is not a tough task if you think a little. All we have to do is to follow the simple approach of preparing for a south beach diet phase 1 recipe.

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We have to keep in mind that the south beach diet phase 1 recipe is also the base for the diet two recipes.

Before we find out what does a South beach diet phase 1 recipe, it is necessary for all of us to know what the significance of this diet is. Our body performs all kind of activities. We need to supply fuel for our body so that it can function all of its tasks in an efficient manner. When a body is said to be under the influence of a healthy diet, the condition of the body is leaner, stronger and it is also said to be more energized. Also, the important benefit of this diet is that our body would be in a position to fight the attack of harmful diseases. Hence, as an individual it is very important for all of us to know as to what the South beach diet phase 1 recipe consists of. We need to do enough homework to find out this diet actually consists of. Healthy food is nothing but the right food in the right amount of ratios. The diet must consist of all the vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fats in the correct proportion. When a person is said to consume food which contains all of the above mentioned things in equal proportion, then he or she is said to be in a perfect diet.

South beach breakfasts- phase 1

Typically the breakfast must consist of some proteins in the form of some eggs or meat or tofu or even cottage cheese. This is the ideal way to start the breakfast. Then, it is necessary to have one serving of vegetables or even tomato juice. Finally, you can end the breakfast on a high by consuming some non calories drinks such as coffee or tea. This is the ideal start of breakfast in a South beach diet phase 1 recipe.

South beach lunches- phase 1

Lunch must start with some proteins as you did for breakfast. But, do not overeat it as it would not help your cause. Then, eat several servings of vegetables such as beans and carrots. Eat 1 or 2 tablespoons of salad dressing. If you like dairy food, then eat them in small amounts. Finally, drink lots and lots of water so that you do not feel hungry.

South beach dinners- phase 1

Eat lots and lots of meat or fish to start off your dinner. Then, eat some dairy food like cottage cheese in 2 or 4 slices of bread. Finally, have some fruits like apples or bananas or any fruit juice of your choice. Finish your dinner with a good drink of water.

Thus, the South beach diet phase 1 recipe has been discussed.

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